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Annual budget and operational plan

Translation of the Business plan into an anual budget and operational action plan:

These tools are the translation into concrete and short terms (1year) of the objectives set. They present detailed series of actions to be made to reach the objectives as well as the needed resources and the expected outputs. The operational action plan lists down all the necessary actions, prioritizes them and sets deadlines for each of them. The annual budget translates into financial data the resources needed and the expected financial results

These tools allow three main activities: 1) planification, 2) coordination and 3) communication among the team members. They are a good framework for delegation and motivation.

Financial Projection Tool - Microlight 2011 ***

Microlight was developed by Entrepreneurs du Monde to offer a more simple financial projection tool to its partner institutions. Microlight has been used and upgraded three years in a row ; version 2011 includes a new feature allowing for decentralisation of the planification process at branch level, and then import of the branch files to the main Microlight file.

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Kogma plannification tool

KOGMA planification tool :

This model (developped in excel) presents the breakdown of key objecives into activities, in an arborescence that can be useful for operational planning of the activities. It is directly inspired from the KOGMA technique - please see the document Strategic Business Planning Toolkit online in the "bibliography section" for more explanations on this method for strategic planification.

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Budget preparation - template for narrative

This narrative write-up is the first stage of the budget process EdM requires from its partners, to help them analyse their achievements, their current situation, strengths before preparing the action plan and budget for the following year to come. Updated version (2010)

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