Fawrou Remobe : food security in Senegal

Fawrou Remobe : food security in Senegal

Improving the income and food security of small producers in the Matam region

72% of households in rural areas of Senegal work in farming
50% of them live under circumstances of low orlimited food security.

For 10 years, agricultural production has been in decline, due to a serious lack of rainfall. In addition, all the farmers in one region are producing the same crop at the same time, and have no storage system or lorries. They therefore have to sell their produce at the same time, in the same place, to the same traders. This temporary over-production and the lack of storage result in the loss ofmuch of the crop (20-60%), while the rest has to be sold at rock-bottom prices. This exacerbates food insecurity for consumers and small producers.

Solutions to food insecurity

Effective storage and funding solutions will enable these small producers to store part of their produce and resell it at the most opportune moment. A limited, unsuitable response Existing storage facilities are limited and poorly designed. They are often built of cement, roofed in sheet metal, with large openings, resulting in very high temperatures, substantial draughts of warm air that dry the produce, and strong light that speeds up the ripening process. Funding solutions (storage loans) are also very rare.


Our proposal :

  • High-quality granaries Simple, innovative and efficient granaries will keep the crops in the dark and at a cooler temperature (20-25°), day and night.
  • Training Small producers will receive training in soil improvement, agro-ecology and the management of income-generating activities.
  • Business solutions Choosing the best existing tools will mean that market price trends can be monitored, and agricultural produce grouped and transported.
  • Financial support Small producers will have access to microloans to fund agricultural campaigns and the storage period, and to develop  income-generating off-season activities.
  • A viable economic model A social enterprise will organise and sustain the storage and marketing of the produce.

Reduced solar equipment pricing

Thanks to a considerable decline in the price of solar equipment, we will equip granaries with an effective solar-powered cooling system.

A strong presence alongside our producers

For many years, Entrepreneurs du Monde has been providing full support (financial services, appropriate training) to small producers in Burkina Faso, Myanmar, Vietnam and Senegal, especially in the Matam region, as part of the Decentralised Cooperation programme, which has supported 530 projects with more than 2,000 beneficiaries since 2008.
Since 2016, Entrepreneurs du Monde has been incubating FANSOTO, a Senegalese microfinance institution, which will grant and manage advance payments to farmers while their produce is in storage.


A pilot on two granaries

March 2018 to March 2019

• Technical design: choice of construction method and solar equipment, followed by construction.
• Selection of the economic test model: purchase and resale of produce, storage space rental, etc.
• Analysis of sale and transportation systems to be offered after storage : individual sales or shared negotiation and transport, etc.
• In-depth analysis of small producers’needs in terms of production techniques in promising sectors.
• Design and implementation of a programme of support and training in agricultural management and techniques.

April to July 2019

• First storage of 50 tons of onions.
• First storage loans to farmers.
• Microloans and training in supplementary income-generating activities.
• Technical adjustments to maximise storage and monitoring of price trends.

August to March 2020

• Sale of produce, redistribution of benefits.
• Technical and economic adjustments, business plan creation. Storage of other crops (cabbages, potatoes,carrots, etc.) and seeds.

From March 2020

Implementation of the enterprise’s business plan, legal establishment and fundraising for the launch.

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The budget for Year 1 of this pilot is €150,000. The Monaco Cooperation programme is already strongly committed to the project alongside Entrepreneurs du Monde, but we are still seeking other partners to complete the financing of Year 1 and prepare a solid future.

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