Fawrou Remobe : food security in Senegal

Fawrou Remobe : food security in Senegal

In the north-east of the country, which is on the front line of climate change and the advancing desert, a lack of access to quality seeds and increasingly severe droughts are reducing crop productivity. In addition, all of the small-scale farmers are harvesting the same crops at the same time and they have no granaries to store them in. This overproduction with no means of storage leads to massive losses or sales at very low prices, thereby aggravating food insecurity for small producers and their families.

In 2018 Entrepreneurs du Monde set up a project to offer small farmers storage solutions and effective financing, so that they can store part of their harvest and sell it at the optimum time.

Methodology of Fawrou Remobe

Grenier Fawrou Remobe

Fawrou Remobe

Granaries, loans, training and logistics

The team builds earth granaries that are simple, innovative and efficient, keeping the harvests in darkness and at a cool temperature (28/32°) day and night. Small farmers receive training in soil improvement, agro-ecology and management. The team tracks prices in the market and arranges group transport for agricultural products. The small farmers take out microcredits to finance the agricultural year and the storage of their harvests.

Support by Entrepreneurs du Monde

The project is being run by an Entrepreneurs du Monde team of Senegalese and French professionals and is supported by financial (Coopération Monégasque, Fondation EDF, etc.) and technical partners (CRAterre* and EdF). To roll out this project and make it viable the team is going to create a social enterprise for storage and marketing, helping to strengthen the agricultural sector.

*CRAterre : laboratory for agricultural research based at ENSA in Grenoble, CRAterre.org – aecc.hypotheses.org

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