France program : supporting the creation of VSB / professional integration

France program : supporting the creation of VSB / professional integration

8 m people below the poverty line

10% unemployed population

100 000 asylum seekers

Because families on our doorstep face the same difficulties as those we support across the world…

The pilot project led by Entrepreneurs du Monde in France aims to encourage the economic integration of recognized refugees, homeless individuals and single parents by putting in place income-generating business projects, thereby bringing increased autonomy and empowerment.

1- Providing personalized support for vulnerable people in France for the duration of the project

The expertise, tools and procedures developed by Entrepreneurs du Monde during their 20 years of experience in supporting economic integration will be made available to the most vulnerable persons, via two levels of support:

Listening and advice/guidance

People who are referred by public and private organisations will receive individualised meetings with the Entrepreneurs du Monde team in order to:

  • Understand their project related needs, taking into consideration the global situation of the family
  • Assess their motivation and technical competence in order to determine their ability to benefit from the support offered to establish a business *.
  • Support their efforts and their families’ efforts to access basic goods and services (food, housing, health care, children’s education, legal and judicial status, etc.). This review of the obstacles to inclusion will be done in partnership with regional public and private organisations.

* Any person deemed ineligible for such support will be referred to an organisation better able to respond to the needs of the person and his/her family.

2- Supporting business creation/entrepreneurship as a way out of poverty

Our personalised business creation course, lasting at least 3 months, aims to support its beneficiaries in the preparation, creation and development of their business. This support will be structured around collective momentum and individual support:

Collective momentum

  • Training modules:market research, establishing a business plan, cost calculation, ales technique, cash management, stock management, accounting, human resources, administrative procedures for establishing a business, and seeking finance.
  • Exercises and case studies based around customised techniques, helping the entrepreneur to quickly incorporate the training provided.
  • Input from people who will share their own journey: entrepreneurs, business executives, etc. These encounters will help the participants understand better the challenges of entrepreneurship and those of their selected job.

Individual support

Individual support will be set out in a formal action plan based on the prospects and feasibility of the project. At that point, the project will move into the incubation phase.

The action plan will include more extensive market research: surveys, site visits, choosing technical equipment, investigating financing options, and administrative and legal procedures. The project author will benefit from using Entrepreneurs du Monde services and resources to develop their business project and subsequently launch an income-generating activity.

During this pilot year, Entrepreneurs du Monde plans to listen to and guide at least 50 recipients and then train and support at least 30 new entrepreneurs, who will in time provide jobs across the city of Lyon. This will lead to many people experiencing stronger purchasing power, making better health care, food, education and housing more affordable. In this way, the project authors will help raise the living standards of communities living in this region – first and foremost within their home community – as places of inclusion and social cohesion.

3- A post-creation program in order to ensure the viability and the longevity of their companies

The aim of this third level would be to facilitate, accelerate and secure the launch of their project through the provision of a workspace, an individual following, new workshops and training and networking with professionals and experts.

This support will be realized by:

  • On the one hand, some meetings with experts and technical sponsors on the main entrepreneurship themes such as commercial strategy, accountancy, legal requirement, insurances…).
  • On the other hand, the organization of collective workshops, meetings and testimonies of active entrepreneurs on specific themes such as interculturality, emotion management and work/life balance.
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