ICI : supporting the creation of VSB / professional integration

ICI : supporting the creation of VSB / professional integration

Supporting vulnerable people in their business ventures in and around Lyon (France)

The shortage of paid jobs in France is hitting the most vulnerable sector of the population, particularly single parents and refugees: 40% of the former live below the poverty threshold and 40% of the latter are long-term unemployed. For them, entrepreneurship can lead to successful social inclusion. However, half of new businesses do not survive beyond the first five years. Vulnerable people therefore need greater support in order for their businesses to become sustainable.

ICI : fostering sustainable inclusion while fulfilling local needs

In 2018, Entrepreneurs du Monde launched the ICI (Incubation Creation Inclusion) project in Lyon, to facilitate the lasting and successful socio-economic inclusion of vulnerable individuals, or those in danger of falling into poverty. The team supports and counsels them in setting up businesses that fulfil local needs: digital technology and sustainable catering services .
This support, focused on growing markets, gives entrepreneurs a real chance of success and viability.

ICI - Appui création TPE Insertion Professionnelle
Méthodology of ICI

In partnership with public and private local organisations, the ICI project welcomes and assists project managers to overcome any obstacles to their integration. Those with a viable project receive personal assistance from a volunteer mentor, and participate in training sessions provided by the team or by experts (business development strategy, accountancy, law, insurance, etc)

Support by Entrepreneurs du Monde

Entrepreneurs du Monde structures and supports the ICI programme with the aim of it becoming autonomous on all levels. In particular, the team’s goal is financial viability. The team is considering which would be the most appropriate legal structure, and potential self-financing strategies. If the results of this first French experience are positive, Entrepreneurs du Monde will extend the model to other regions, and open up business creation in other growth market areas.


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