ID Ghana : Social microfinance in Ghana

ID Ghana : Social microfinance in Ghana

ID Ghana was set up in 1998 by Initiative Développement, which transferred the technical and financial responsibility to Entrepreneurs du Monde in 2006.

ID Ghana is viable since 2011, but receives technical support from Entrepreneurs du Monde when it expresses the need, namely in terms of expanding their activities to other localities.

A unique microfinance institution in the country

ID Ghana is a unique MFI* in Ghana and a reference in the field of social microfinance for the poorest members of the population. ID Ghana has helped thousands of families to escape from poverty for good thanks to its microloan, savings and training services and its highly innovative social vision.

ID Ghana has developed a group methodology without joint and several guarantee, offers grants for families benefitting from the Microfinance Institution to subscribe to the national health insurance service, and employs social workers to accompany families in extremely difficult circumstances.

Also of note are ID Ghana’s innovative training sessions for raising social awareness, given by peer educators who have been elected by group members and trained by Microfinance Institution trainers.