LIGODEN : support to VSBS and professional insertion in Senegal

LIGODEN : support to VSBS and professional insertion in Senegal

34%of people trained are women

513people welcomed in 2019

201people accompanied in 2019

LIGODEN, a programme to support the creation of VSEs and the professional integration of Entrepreneurs du Monde in Senegal, is based in Ziguinchor. The Ziguinchor region is considered Senegal’s wheat basket. Its isolation and 30 years of armed conflict, however, handicap its engagement in strong and peaceful economic development. Poverty is more widespread among young people and women who are generally the ones in charge of their families. It has become urgent to reduce this poverty and facilitate economic revival by encouraging professional insertion and entrepreneurship, especially when these concern the transformation and commercialisation of agricultural products.

LIGODEN : A pathway to building a business or finding a job

Entrepreneurs du Monde was, therefore, involved in creating the LIGODEN project in 2018 to accompany vulnerable young people (18-35) and women in their search for employment or in the creation/development of their own businesses. It provides them with training and an individual accompaniment to help their professionalisation and socioeconomic emancipation.



Methodology of LIGODEN

Two training programmes are available for strengthening know-how and life skills:

  • Support to professional insertion to draw up a detailed professional project, write resume and motivation letters, prepare interviews.
  • Support to the creation and development of a business activity by learning to measure supply and demand, create a business plan, find funding, develop sales and administrative skills. This support is both long term and local, with regular follow-up meetings, especially on-site.


Support by Entrepreneurs du Monde

Technical advisors from Entrepreneurs du Monde provide the LIGODEN team with support for strategy, legal aspects, finance, HR, management information systems, managing social performance, etc. The LIGODEN team has chosen the legal form of an association. It has organised an inaugural General Assembly and elected a Board of members from Senegalese civil society and from Entrepreneurs du Monde head office. Its registration with the local authorities is underway.


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