LIGODEN : support to VSBS and professional insertion in Senegal

LIGODEN : support to VSBS and professional insertion in Senegal

LIGODEN, a programme to support the creation of VSEs and the professional integration of Entrepreneurs du Monde in Senegal, is based in Ziguinchor. The Ziguinchor region is considered the breadbasket of Senegal. But its isolation and the three-decade armed conflict are barriers to initiating strong and harmonious economic development.

Poverty is more prevalent among young people and women, who take on most family responsibilities. To reduce this poverty and encourage economic growth, there is an urgent need to encourage employability and entrepreneurship, especially in the processing and marketing of agricultural products.

LIGODEN : A pathway to building a business or finding a job

LIGODEN supports women and young people (18-35 years) living in vulnerable circumstances to establish or develop their business or to look for work. Entrepreneurs du Monde helped set up LIGODEN, providing logistics, HR, GIS and financial support in particular.

The team has conducted a study on promising sectors and set up support pathways. They have selected a legal status and begun LIGODEN’s legal recognition process. Ultimately, like all Entrepreneurs du Monde programmes, LIGODEN will become a fully autonomous local entity.



A team of professionals ready to listen to project leaders

The initial team, consisting of a country co-ordinator and a horticultural technician, was boosted in February 2018 by the addition of an Employability Officer, a VSB Support Officer and an accountant. A French expat looks after programme development and partnerships.

Most of the team members have more than 10 years’ experience in the fields of entrepreneurship support and employability. They work in close collaboration and are highly motivated in supporting economic project leaders in the Casamance region.

Priority for people living with disabilities

A partnership with Humanité & Inclusion has mobilised loan capital of €25,700 for people living with disabilities. This fund is managed by FANSOTO, a social microfinance programme incubated by Entrepreneurs du Monde. LIGODEN handles training and helps people with business plans and project implementation.

Twenty-three people have already taken advantage of this path to very small business success and socio-economic empowerment.


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