Muricasa : support to very small business in Senegal

Muricasa : support to very small business in Senegal

17%of the Senegalese population is unemployed

12%of the working age population is qualified

60%of post-harvest losses of fruits and vegetables

*figures 2021

In Senegal, employment is a major issue. Despite the significant economic progress made by the country over the past five years, access to decent and stable employment struggles to improve. Unemployment remains high: 15.5% in urban areas, 18.7% in rural areas. Women (27.6%) are more affected than men (8.6%), in particular due to the lack of technical training. However, agricultural and forestry resources could be harnessed for economic development and employment. But they are not valued and 60% of harvests are lost every year.

A business-school :  MuriCasa

Entrepreneurs du Monde started the business-school MuriCasa® in Casamance in January 2021 to:

1- improve the employability of young people and women through training through apprenticeships (80% of practice, 20% of theory) in the agri-food industry, within our unit of production.

2- develop local small businesses in the fruit sector by promoting access to cold storage, packaging and other modern equipment for professionals.

3- promote the fruits of Casamance under the registered trademark MuriCasa.



MuriCasa : revitalization of a sustainable local sector 

MuriCasa promotes the structuring and strengthening of the agro-food processing sector in Casamance by:

• integrating local actors and development partners in their apprenticeship training.

• sourcing directly from local producers, with fair and fair compensation.

The MuriCasa® brand promotes food products that are 100% natural, without chemical additives, and reduced in sugar. The team raises awareness and supports all economic stakeholders in the recovery of organic waste and by-products (compost, animal feed, nursery production, etc.) and in the fight against deforestation.

Support by Entrepreneurs du Monde

The economic model aims to achieve the economic viability of MuriCasa within 5 years. During its incubation and until its autonomy, the Senegalese team, very skilled, is closely supported by the technical experts of Entrepreneurs du Monde: management of operations, information and management systems, social performance, strategy planning , administrative and financial management, governance, human resources management, risk management, and fundraising.

Profits made on the sale of MuriCasa® products will gradually contribute to financing the future training and investments.


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