Say Yes! to Business : Support to very small businesses in Haiti

Say Yes! to Business : Support to very small businesses in Haiti

Say Yes! To Business helps vulnerable people to create a very small business (VSB) or to obtain lasting employment. This helps them to improve both their skills and their living conditions.

Say Yes! To Business : two training strands for Entrepreneurship and Employability

Entrepreneurship training

The curriculum of group training, based on soft skills and know-how, helps those with a business idea to develop it into a workable business. This is coupled with individual support to write the business plan and set up the business.


The employability strand prepares candidates for entry into the job market: addressing self-confidence, meeting professional organisations, and looking at soft skills. It is backed up by individual support (drawing up a CV, dummy interviews) to look for an internship or a job in a company.

The entrepreneurship and employability office


Say Yes! To Business


Say Yes! To Business created entrepreneurship and employability office in Port-au-Prince. These helped people from deprived backgrounds to take charge of their own future by developing the skills necessary to earn an income.

In 2017, the entrepreneurship and employability office has run 2 pilot projects (with a total of 38 trainees). For these first two projects the team concentrated on the Entrepreneurship strand: it ran a training course consisting of 16 modules over 3 months, and provided discussion sessions with qualified entrepreneurs. The most motivated students were then given individual support to draw up a business plan for their planned undertaking.

After the success of the pilot, Say Yes! To Business is officially launching the project and its two training strands: Entrepreneurship and Employability. In 2018, 150 people (focusing especially on women and young people aged between 15 and 35) will take part in 3 courses of 8 theory sessions and one practical session (visiting businesses, meeting entrepreneurs). The theory sessions are based on the involvement and participation of the trainees. Each trainee must also formulate their own career plan (creating a business or starting a job search).

School partnerships

Say Yes! To BusinessIn 2017, Say Yes! To Business has taken part in the creation of a woodworking school/ workshop within the LAKAY project, a vocational school run by the Salesians that helps street children to reintegrate into society. A week long seminar on entrepreneurship and creating a business plan was also organised at the school. This was based on case studies and interactive animations, and resulted in 8 tailor’s shops being set up, managed by the newlytrained youngsters. Say Yes! To Business will continue to support them in 2018.

In 2018, two partnerships with vocational schools, the St Joseph Atisan school and the Lakay project, will be developed and strengthened. These schools will integrate the project’s training into their curriculum for a term. At the end of this, two seminars will be organised: one on entrepreneurship and one on job-seeking. Then the students will undertake an internship in a business. Finally, they will be supported to either create their business or find a job.

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