SEED : Social microfinance in the Philippines

SEED : Social microfinance in the Philippines

SEED : a social microfinance institution for the most vulnerable

SEED operates since 2015 in areas of extreme urban poverty in Metro Manila, where individuals and families often don’t have access to safe and stable housing, employment, electricity or health services. SEED attempts, through microloans, savings and training, to build the capacity and strength of local entrepreneurs so that they can improve the standard of living for themselves and their families.

SEED is now autonomous but still receives technical support from Entrepreneurs du Monde.

Reaching the most vulnerable people

To adapt to the needs of the poorest communities, SEED has developed a savings service, backed up by regular support and specific training courses. This project is aimed at helping participants to
reach a savings goal and enhance their skills.
A realistic family project One of the key features of this support is the training session aimed at creating a family project and enabling the most determined participants to launch a new business.
To specifically support those people determined in setting their income-generating activity, SEED offers an interest free loan, accompanied by intensive training and regular follow-up on their business management. This helping hand meets the needs of people who have never held a loan and who will become conventional beneficiaries of SEED in the future.