Nafa Naana : Acces to energy in Burkina Faso

Nafa Naana : Acces to energy in Burkina Faso

4 350beneficiaries

5 437equipment sold

1 173 065savings achieved by the families

The use of rudimentary, low quality cooking and lighting equipment has dramatic economic, health and environmental consequences. The very poorest spend a significant portion of their budget on such equipment, breathing in noxious fumes which every year claim as many victims as aids and malaria combined. The widespread use of biomass as fuel for these inefficient cooking stoves also contributes to deforestation. Fuel poverty particularly affects women; it falls on them to collect wood and charcoal and it is they that are most exposed to toxic fume.


Nafa Naana : improving access to modern, economical energy

Entrepreneurs du Monde founded NAFA NAANA («Reaping the benefits!» in the local language) in 2012 to help families access modern, economical solar-powered lights, gas stoves and fuel-efficient improved stoves. These have an immediate impact on people’s health, finances and environment, improving their living conditions, costing them less money and helping reduce massive deforestation and indoor air pollution.


Methodology of Nafa Naana

The team contributes to the local economy by launching a range of products, a brand and a network of retail franchises. It works in partnership with local associations and women’s groups, raising awareness, promoting products and setting up financial mechanisms (savings, credit, payment by installment) at all levels of the manufacturing and distribution chain.


Nafa Naana

Support by Entrepreneurs du Monde

Entrepreneurs du Monde acts as an incubator for Nafa Naana. It helps the team build a social enterprise that will be sustainable from a legal, financial and human resources standpoint. Nafa Naana has already become a simplified joint-stock social company under Burkina Faso law. And Entrepreneurs du Monde continues to offer technical and financial support to help it achieve viability and reinforce its social mission.