Nafa Naana : Acces to energy in Burkina Faso

Nafa Naana : Acces to energy in Burkina Faso

7 715 stoves, lamps and solar kits sold in 2017

185 resellers in 2017

16 584tons of wood saved in 2017


Each year, 4 million of people in the world die of diseases due to the inhalation of toxic smokes, released by traditional cooking methods. The most vulnerable households can allocate up to 25% of their budget in energy expenditures. In addition, kerosene lamps and traditional stoves generate millions of tons of CO2, thus accelerating global warming.

Entrepreneurs du Monde created Nafa Naana in Burkina Faso in 2012, after a two-year pilot scheme. Since then, it has been providing Nafa Naana with technical and financial support, and is helping them become a long-term social enterprise in Burkina Faso.

A social enterprise recognised as providing access to reliable and economical energy sources

Nafa Naana selects and promotes gas stoves, upgraded stoves and solar lamps, distributing them to families in Burkina Faso, particularly the very poorest. This equipment improves their quality of life, and reduces their expenditure, lessens indoor air pollution, and alleviates largescale deforestation.

Led by a social enterprise Nafa Naana strengthens the local economic structure: it has created a network of franchised shopkeepers upon which it builds, and forms partnerships with associations, women’s groups, etc. It raises awareness, promotes products and sets up financial schemes (saving, credit, payment by instalments) at all levels of the production and distribution chain.

A recognized access to energy program

The newspaper Le Monde and the Finansol association awarded Nafa Naana the Finance Solidaire Grand Prix. This prize rewards the efforts of the team, which is now 100 % Burkinabe. Widely covered by the media, it particularly extended Nafa Naana’s reputation beyond the country’s borders.


Read the complete Nafa Naana’s fact sheet

Nafa Naana’s financial partners

In 2017, Nafa Naana received financial support from the French Development Agency (AFD), the Opec Fund for International Development (OFID), the Lord Michelham of Hellingy Foundation, the AnBer Foundation and the Entrepreneurs du Monde Foundation. This support is enabling Nafa Naana to achieve its social mission while reinforcing and gradually reaching financial autonomy.

Nafa Naana's partnersIn order to sustain its growth and support its social mission, Nafa Naana is looking for new financial partners.

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