Financial transparency

Financial transparency


Our financial resources will amount to €5.3 million in 2023.

43% comes from the generosity of the public: individuals, companies and company foundations, family foundations and associations. This generosity is stable compared with 2022. Our donors continue to support our actions, giving us independence from public funding.

41% comes from public funding. Exceptionally, these are down (-414 K€ compared with 2022), but 2024 looks set to be a better year: we are entering a new phase of public funding, with the signing of an ambitious multi-year agreement with the Agence Française de Développement for 8 M€ over 3 years.

In-kind contributions, volunteer work and skills sponsorship are valued at 90 K€.


Clarification on donations from individuals: the accounting standard does not fully reflect the contribution made by individuals. In fact, the donations collected by certain foundations are in fact the result of the generosity of individuals. This is particularly true of donations collected via the Entrepreneurs du Monde Foundation. When added to the donations collected directly via our association, individual donations represent 24% of Entrepreneurs du Monde’s resources collected in 2023.

79% of our resources were devoted to our social missions.

Please note that the social missions line does not include all the expenses of our local organizations, but only their expenses not covered by their own income (interest income, social sales of lamps and stoves, services). If we included all their expenditure, our social mission ratio would be 88%.

The loss of 320 K€ is explained by two main reasons which will not recur in 2024: a drop in public funding and a negative but strategic exceptional result.

The drop in funding is due to a transitional phase in our public funding: on the one hand, some funding came to an end and was not immediately renewed, and on the other, the receipt of new funding was postponed until 2024. To cope with this drop in revenues, we have kept our operating expenses under control (-13% compared with 2022), but at a speed that has not enabled us to break even.

The exceptional loss (-182 K€) is mainly due to the waiver of a debt to our social enterprise for access to energy in Cambodia (Pteah Baitong). This was an essential condition for a social investor to acquire a majority stake in the company, thereby ensuring the long-term future of Pteah Baitong’s activities.

Finally, we should also mention two mandatory items of information:
– the 3 highest gross monthly salaries in 2023 are €3,624, €4,404 and €4,510 respectively.
– expenses reimbursed to our directors amount to €1,171.

Rigorous and transparent management

Entrepreneurs du Monde is accredited by the Comité de la Charte du Don en Confiance. It is thus constantly monitored for its statutory operation, its rigorous and disinterested management, its financial transparency and the quality of its communications and fund-raising activities.