Ending poverty through entrepreneurship

The NGO Entrepreneurs du Monde helps vulnerable people to undertake successful ventures
to get out of precariousness, empower themselves, emancipate themselves, open up the future of their children.

With next to nothing change practically everything!

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Social microfinance

Entrepreneurs du Monde offers social microfinance, allowing the very poorest to access financial services, develop an income-generating activity
and improve their living conditions.

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Support to very small businesses

Entrepreneurs du Monde supports and encourages the poorest to develop a very small business and helps them to enter the world of work, so that they can begin creating work and escaping from poverty.

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Access to energy

Entrepreneurs du Monde provides energy products that have significant health, financial and environmental benefits. They improve the wellbeing of vulnerable people and help them develop income-generating activities.

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Entrepreneurs du Monde prioritises agriculture in its work. We provide agricultural training, loans adapted to the harvest cycle and granaries for storage; we also seek to strengthen the farming sector.

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In 2022:
180 909 beneficiaries in 12 countries with 23 local programmes

Our programmes In the field

The NGO Entrepreneurs du Monde supports the social and economic inclusion of people living in extreme poverty in Africa, Asia, Haiti and France. It assists them with entrepreneurship, access to energy, and adaptation to climate change, helping them to empower themselves. In order to achieve its mission, Entrepreneurs du Monde creates and incubates local organisations until they reach autonomy in four areas: social microfinance, access to energy, support for the creation of Very Small Businesses (VSB’s)/professional inclusion and agro-entrepreneurship. Explore these programmes, country by country, using our interactive map.

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