Who we are

Who we are

Active in 12 countries

21 programmes being incubated

8 autonomous programmes

115 318 beneficiaries
88% women

2020 figures


Entrepreneurs du Monde is a French public interest association that was founded in 1998.

680 colleagues on 4 continents are working toward a world of lasting fairness, where everyone has access to basic services and entrepreneurial skills can be used to improve their own daily life as well as that of their family and community.

Our NGO has been accredited by Don en confiance, recognising the quality of its financial management and its financial transparency.


Entrepreneurs du Monde supports the social and economic development of very deprived communities in Africa, Asia, Haiti and France. These people are helped to create businesses, access energy and adapt to climate change to increase their independence. To achieve its mission, Entrepreneurs du Monde sets up and incubates local organisations (programmes) until they become autonomous by relying on four key development tools: social microfinance, access to energy, support for the creation of very small businesses (VSB)/entry to the workplace and agro-entrepreneurship.

In 2018, Entrepreneurs du Monde supported 164,362 beneficiaries in 11 countries through 20 local programmes. 81% of the beneficiaries are women.

OUR VALUES Entrepreneurs du Monde’s activities are based on the following values:


The team’s courageous approach to the needs of the field using innovation and measured, considered risk-taking, with optimism and confidence.


Optimal use of our system of working (a culture of pilot projects, pragmatism and professionalism) to achieve good performance at every level.



Willingness to bring more justice to communities where it is sadly lacking, to work toward lasting fairness in the world by offering products and services totally impartially, to promote equality of opportunity.


Due consideration of local characteristics, cultural and environmental factors and of people (respect for their independence). 


Honesty, information accessibility, sharing of skills and practices.

Entrepreneurs du Monde works in three particular areas: social microfinance, support for the creation of very small businesses/entry to the workplace and access to energy 

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Social microfinance

Entrepreneurs du Monde offers financial services (loans, savings, insurance, etc.) and socio-economic services (training, individual supervision, referral to other specialised agencies, etc.) to female market traders, dressmakers, hairdressers, farmers and others working within the informal economy, to help them develop their businesses and improve their daily lives.


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Support for the creation of
very small businesses

Entrepreneurs du Monde encourages crafters and basic service providers to set up very small businesses (VSB), and it supports some young people to find employment.





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Access to energy

Entrepreneurs du Monde enables the distribution of products which provide significant health, economic and environmental benefits: gas stoves; improved wood or charcoal stoves; solar-power kits. This area of operation serves as an incubator for social and environmental innovation, benefitting the families that Entrepreneurs du Monde supports. It encourages the development of a local network of independent social enterprises, managed by local entrepreneurs.


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Entrepreneurs du Monde prioritises agriculture in its work. We provide agricultural training, loans adapted to the harvest cycle and granaries for storage; we also seek to strengthen the farming sector.

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Our team in Africa, Asia, Haiti and France

Entrepreneurs du Monde is working in Haiti, Senegal, Guinea, Sierra Leone,
Burkina Faso, Ghana, Togo, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, the Philippines and France.


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