Aminata, a YIKRI beneficiary in Burkina Faso

Aminata, a YIKRI beneficiary in Burkina Faso

In OUAGADOUGOU, with our programme YIKRI

Aminata wants her planned restaurant to become a benchmark in her neighbourhood!

For the past 10 years, Aminata has been serving lunch in her street restaurant every day to her neighbours and the building workers in her area. She also sells fresh water and hibiscus syrup to children as they come out of the school next door.

A more reliable business than trade

Aminata used to be a seamstress, but she had to rent out her sewing machine to be able to pay for her children’s schooling and for medicine for her youngest, who had fallen ill. She then attempted to sell loincloths but she often had to sell on credit, which meant she couldn’t consistently provide for her family.

So she started this street restaurant – a more secure and dependable venture. At the beginning, she was renting premises in the city but the rent was too expensive. She decided to build her own shelter and to fit it out. It’s basic, but it’s hers!

Energy to overcome the challenges

Aminata’s business is energy-consuming. For example, she needs to buy ice every day because her neighbourhood is on the outskirts of Ouagadougou where there is no running water or electricity.

Renewed hope

Aminata heard about Yikri from Marie-Madeleine, the facilitator who came to introduce its training, saving and credit services to the local women’s association to which Aminata belongs.

With Yikri’s help, she hopes she’ll be able to build a proper, more attractive restaurant that will become a benchmark in the neighbourhood.

Training and team spirit

Aminata and the other women have already taken part in the initial four awareness sessions, which helped them get a better grip on the administration of their business. Aminata is the group’s treasurer. She’s very committed, always making sure that every member participates in each Yikri meeting. In such a safe environment all the members can fully benefit from the discussions and experience sharing, and advance both their businesses and their lives.

A first loan coming soon

With the help of Marie-Madeleine, Aminata has completed her first loan application, and her project is now well and truly under way!


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