Arnel MAPA, shop owner in the Philippines

Arnel MAPA, shop owner in the Philippines

The Philippines is one of the most populous countries in the world, where inequalities between the different provinces are high. In rural areas, for example, the rate of access to energy is 41% compared to 98% in the cities. This lack of reliable and economical energy worsens the living conditions of the rural poor and makes it difficult to develop income-generating activities. So, to light up, work and reduce the feeling of insecurity, some people use candles, paraffin lamps, car batteries or generators, but these plan Bs are insufficient, very expensive and very dangerous.

Ateco, an energy access programme incubated by Entrepreneurs du Monde, is deploying cost-effective and sustainable energy access solutions for rural communities.

Arnel is a beneficiary of the ATE co. programm, he testifies.

“I am a chicken seller. Thanks to ATE Co., my store is visible to passers-by despite the power cuts.”

Arnel Mapa, commerçant et bénéficiaire ATECO

I’ve become independent

Before selling chicken, I was a tricycle driver, but I earned a low income. So I decided to start my own business to support my family.

When I started this business, I depended on the public electricity network, but the power failures are frequent in my area,
and too often, in the evening, my store remained in the dark. The customers, however numerous at that time, did not see it. I was very frustrated to miss the sales!

And I earn more money

Since I bought the solar lamps sold by ATE Co. my store is visible every night, I make very good sales and my electricity
bill has been divided by 2! The savings I make help me to pay for my family.

I can go even further

I would like to install a solar-powered refrigerator in my store to preserve meat even when the power is off.