ATE Co : Acces to energy in the Philippines

ATE Co : Acces to energy in the Philippines

70%of direct beneficiaries are women

101families equipped in 2019

404new indirect beneficiaires in 2019

Many Filipino households are not connected to the electricity network. Some of these households are in the overcrowded, dark and insecure slums of Manila; some are in isolated island and mountain villages, where connecting to the standard network is almost impossible. Consequently, people use candles, kerosene lamps, car batteries, and generators to provide themselves with light and thereby reduce their feelings of uncertainty. Others illegally connect themselves up to a more fortunate neighbour’s meter. But these plan Bs are inadequate, very costly, and very dangerous.


ATE Co : an appropriate lighting solution

Entrepreneurs du Monde established ATE Co in 2015, to give these families access to an individual, affordable solar kit which provides 3 points for lighting, as well as a telephone charging point. The team offers a hire-purchase service, Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG): a flexible, cost-effective and sustainable system that helps customers afford their equipment and then gradually buy it outright. In 2019, ATE Co also began to equip remote villages with interconnected micro-grids providing solar power, thereby supplying their residents with power and offering a flexible payment system.

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Methodology of ATE Co

A technician installs the PAYG kits and then collects payment for the equivalent of several days’ energy consumption on a regular basis. This modest payment triggers the release of an activation code for the solar kit, sent via text message. Within a few months, the family will own its own kit and have access to a source of quality lighting which is free, unlimited and renewable from that point on. The micro-grids use the same payment model and enable energy consumption to be monitored from a distance. They produce a larger amount of energy, which can be switched between houses on the same network, according to the needs and financial capacities of each household.



Support by Entrepreneurs du Monde

Since its creation, Entrepreneurs du Monde has supported ATE Co. with its structuring and development at every level: legally, operationally and financially. The programme manager, who is French for the moment, is closely supported by the Philippines Coordinator at Entrepreneurs du Monde, but also by the manager of Energy Programmes in Asia and Caribbean, by the Finance team and by the Social Performance Management team. By the end of 2021, ATE Co. will have become a social enterprise under local law, will have become both sustainable and long-term, and will be managed by a fully Filipino team.

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