ATE Co : Acces to energy in the Philippines

ATE Co : Acces to energy in the Philippines


The majority of families living in the shanty towns of Manila have no access to the grid. They use kerosene lamps or candles for lighting. Those who can access the grid are often connected illegally or via submeters which are both very expensive and highly dangerous. ATE Co. helps these families purchase affordable, high-quality, lithium battery-powered solar kits. The kits significantly reduce the risk of accidents and can also be used to charge small electronic devices, all for less than $0.40/day. Ensuring accessibility with an innovative payment scheme.

Since August 2016 ATE Co. has been developing a hire-purchase scheme for these kits. Vendor-fitters – recruited from within the communities themselves and then trained – install the kits in people’s homes. The kits come with innovative built-in PAYG technology, a flexible, cost-efficient and sustainable system which allows clients to pay for the equipment at a pace that suits their financial situation and, eventually, to own it outright.

ATE Co. promotes access to energy through an innovative lamps rental service

In 2017, ATE Co., Entrepreneurs du Monde’s newest energy programme, tested two models and selected the one which best suited the energy needs and financial situation of those living in the shanty towns of Manila: they increase their share of ownership 20 pesos at a time.

Halfway through the year, ATE Co. finished converting its original model (daily battery hire) into a hire-purchase scheme for the Sun King Home Easybuy 60 solar kit, complete with Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) technology and a mobile phone app developed by Angaza. This technology allows families to acquire the equipment with no initial outlay: instead, the facilitator visits regularly to collect the equivalent of 2-3 days’ usage, depending on the financial capabilities of each family. This small payment triggers an activation code sent via SMS, which allows the family to activate their box.

The system is simple and prevents recipients from getting into debt. After a few months leasing the kit, the family owns it outright and can expect to benefit from free, unlimited, high-quality, renewable solar lighting for years to come.


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ATE Co.’s partners

ATE Co. is able to expand its activities thanks to the support of the French Development Agency, Synergie Solaire, OFID, the Whole Foods Planet Foundation, the REXEL Foundation and a fund which prefers to remain anonymous.

ATE CO.'s partnershipsTo develop its action, ATE Co. is looking for financial partners.

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