Tong Thi Noi, an Anh Chi Em (ACE) beneficiary in Vietnam

Tong Thi Noi, an Anh Chi Em (ACE) beneficiary in Vietnam

Tong Thi Noi is supported by An Chi Em (ACE), a social microfinance program of Entrepreneurs du Monde in Vietnam. She testifies.

“I invested in my livestock and greatly expanded my business!”


Tong Thi Noi is 52 years old. She lives in the village of Na Luong in Dien Bien, a mountainous province situated in the north of Vietnam. In the past her life was very difficult and she could not meet her basic needs. At the time she lacked not only the capital to develop her farming activities but also the knowledge to develop her livestock breeding. Her desire to get out of poverty motivated her to work hard and to invest courageously!

At a meeting of the Women’s Union in 2012, she met the Anh Chi Em* (ACE) team. The ways of borrowing from ACE being much easier than from a traditional bank, she decided to enroll in the programme.

With an initial loan of 4 million VND** (about £125) she decided to invest in rearing pigs. She then made some profit and has invested more in her enterprise. Her energy is demonstrated by her assets: she has been able to buy a big house and owns more than 2 hectares of coffee, 1 hectare of paddy field, an 800m2 fishing lake, 2 buffaloes, 51 pigs and lots of poultry!

She aims at developing her knowledge with the help of the Internet. She has for example learnt on her own how to build a biogas cellar using manure. She hopes that her children will live a comfortable life. She has been elected as head of the Women’s Union in her commune. As a result of her efforts she has suceeded in getting out of poverty and has become one of the largest sources of inspiration in her village.

Finally, Tong Thi Noi confides in us that she wishes to thank ACE for the credit it advanced to her, the training courses and the savings service that taught her to manage her money.



* Anh Chi Em (ACE) : A microfinance social institution created and nurtured in Vietnam by Entrepreneurs du Monde.
** VND : Vietnamese Dong, official currency in Vietnam.


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