A new shop for the Carrefour Feuilles Workshops

A new shop for the Carrefour Feuilles Workshops

26 June 2017

A shop to promote the Carrefours Feuilles Workshops’ products

On the corner of two of the area’s main roads, a little traditional house with a big sign on top is attracting the attention of passers-by. Beneath the shopfront, they will find a range of building materials: bannisters, floor and wall tiles, panel fencing, frames…

The craftsmen and women of the Carrefour Feuilles Workshops, which are managed by Entrepreneurs du Monde, have been displaying their products for sale since February. This is their main showroom where potential buyers can have a look at any products they are interested in, place orders and even make purchases on the spot.

The Carrefour Feuilles Workshops, which already had a network of twenty or so outlets across Port-au-Prince, has opened this new shop as a means of getting closer to their clientele and attracting new customers.

A wide range of goods, improved product quality

At the same time, the technical team has widened its range of new products to enable it to meet its customers’ needs more effectively. A new guard rail and new tiles now enhance the list of materials. New moulds are being designed and put into use to ensure that all products have an impeccable finish.

The Carrefour Feuilles Workshops is a group of approximately twenty craftsmen and women, who have been trained to manufacture building materials through Entrepreneurs du Monde’s Housing programme. The workshops were set up in 2010 in a bid to revive the economy of the Carrefour Feuilles district which had been ravaged by the earthquake.