An Energy Globe Award for Burkina Faso

An Energy Globe Award for Burkina Faso

26 June 2017

On Tuesday 20 May Nafa Naana, a social enterprise launched by Entrepreneurs du Monde in 2012, was awarded the National Energy Globe Award for Burkina Faso 2014 in recognition of its work promoting energy access in the country.

The Ambassador of Burkina Faso to France, Mr. Eric Tiaré, presented the prize to Mr. Jean-Paul Bernardini, President of Entrepreneurs du Monde, during a ceremony at the Austrian Embassy (see photo below).

Recognition of the relevance and efficacy of our programmes

Continuing a project run by Entrepreneurs du Monde in Burkina Faso since 2010, Nafa Naana’s work focusses on making accessible to families in Burkina Faso—and especially the poorest families—affordable products which improve living conditions and contribute to reducing massive deforestation: gas stoves, improved stoves (enabling families to reduce their consumption of wood and coal and limit emissions of harmful fumes), solar-powered lights, etc. The team raises awareness among local populations, promotes products and introduces financial mechanisms such as savings, loans and payment in installments at all levels of the production and distribution chain. In order to work as closely as possible with communities themselves, Nafa Naana brings together local economic agencies, micro-entrepreneurs, associations, women’s groups, etc., who act as local retailers and in so doing generate additional income.

“This is the first time Entrepreneurs du Monde has received a prize that rewards its investment in energy access work with the most impoverished”, explains Thomas Thivillon, Head of Energy Programmes with the NGO. “The fact that Nafa Naana has won this barely two years after launch is testament to the relevance and efficacy of the social entrepreneurship programmes we are setting up so as to reduce energy poverty. I would like to congratulate the entire team in Burkina Faso for this prize.”

A prize that recognises environmental protection work

Every year over 1,000 in 161 countries projects are nominated for the Energy Globe Awards, the most prestigious awards recognising environmental protection work. Projects are rated on the basis of four criteria: energy efficiency, renewable energy, conservation of natural resources and the fight against climate change.

And now Nafa Naana has won the national award it goes on to the International Energy Globe Awards, which will be announced later in the year.