Entrepreneurs du Monde officially recognised in Burma

Entrepreneurs du Monde officially recognised in Burma

26 June 2017

Another step towards establishing the right to commence microfinance activities has been made in the surrounding areas of Yangon. On 3 December 2013, Entrepreneurs du Monde was officially recognised by the Burmese government as an international organisation active in the country.

Entrepreneurs du Monde in Burma

Entrepreneurs du Monde is, of course, already active in Burma. Since 2007, the organisation has provided technical support to the Yadana Suboo microfinance institution, driven by the Total E&P Burma socio-economic programme in the South-East of the country. Furthermore, since 2013 it has helped local microfinance institution (MFI), Socio-lite Foundation, to improve their services and have a larger impact on society.

A microfinance programme promoting gender equality: SOTH

However, since 2011, Entrepreneurs du Monde has wanted to work directly in the urban and surrounding areas of Yangon, to further help particularly vulnerable families escape their extreme precarity.

Therefore the organisation created its own structure and begun activities in 2011 with an approach based on equality between men and women. In fact, financial services accompanied by personalised and individual support is an excellent way for women to achieve emancipation.

Nonetheless, the appreciation of the programme was put into question in early 2012, when the Burmese government requested that all international organisations reapply for approval. Activities were thus suspended.

In obtaining this precious recognition in December, Entrepreneurs du Monde took a new step in the development of its programme. The next decisive milestone will be gaining the authorisation to commence microfinance activities.