French Ambassador in Vietnam visiting an Entrepreneurs du Monde program

French Ambassador in Vietnam visiting an Entrepreneurs du Monde program

27 June 2017

On May 3rd 2017, M. Bertrand Lortholary, the French Ambassador in Vietnam, visited a sow husbandry of an agricultural interest group in Phuon village, located in Thanh Yen commune in Dien Bien district. This group was created in 2016 by Anh Chi Em, a social microfinance program directed by Entrepreneurs du Monde in Vietnam.

Anh Chi Em : trainings for the farmers’ success

Launched in May 2016, the farmer interest group is now successful. This program, based on sharing knowledge and also on the strengthening and the improvement of trainings, explains the success of those ten farmers today. It is now proven that the Anh Chi Em’s method is efficient.

The ambassador, his delegation as well as the inhabitants’ committee of the Dien Bien province met with three households, each being a member of the farmer group. The ambassador was very curious and attentive, taking time to discuss with them and to know more about sow husbandry. Giving the actual context, the price of pork plummeting, it was also an occasion to tackle the difficulties they have to face and the strategies they implement to do so.

Thus, farmers have been able to share the advantages they benefit from with the ambassador. In addition, sharing their experiences during meetings or trainings appeared as a real key to their success.

According to Bertrand Lortholary, this model should be developed

After these rewarding meetings with sow breeders, Entrepreneurs du Monde’s members presented Anh Chi Em’s activities to the ambassador and his delegation. Giving the very positive results of the program, there is a strong desire to develop this model in the future, and this was clearly expressed.
Before he left, M. Bertrand Lortholary thanked all the participants for their warm welcome and expressed his joy regarding the success of Anh Chi Em, a program founded by the French Development Agency via the non-governmental organization Entrepreneurs du Monde.


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