Become a volunteer

Become a volunteer

Nowadays, one in four French person does voluntary work! Doing unpaid work in your free time can sometimes seem restrictive. Yet, several methods exist to get round these obstacles as shown by the study “Cette France mobilisable” (“This recruitable France”), published in May 2017 by the association Recherches & Solidarités. Thus, volunteering can be occasional. From then on, it is possible to play a new role in society, to feel useful and to defend your opinions. Volunteering is also a fabulous way of enhancing social cohesion and conviviality where sharing and learning is mutual.


Give meaning to your life, make changes : become a volunteer at Entrepreneurs du Monde!

Volunteering at Entrepreneurs du Monde means giving some of your free time and sharing your skills to support solidarity projects. It is also joining a growing and dynamic community of volunteers as well as meeting with different members of Entrepreneurs du Monde’s team!

Do you wish to work with Entrepreneurs du Monde? We are waiting for you!

Send an email to to offer your voluntary support to Entrepreneurs du Monde’s operational and support teams at its headquarters in France. Volunteering and supporting our actions can be done in various ways: an adaptable set up to suit availability, interests and skills can be found for every volunteer.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Louis by email!