In brief…

In brief…

23 June 2017

Entrepreneurs du Monde moves in Lyon

On 1st January 2015, in order to move in a region well-known for its entrepreneurship, humanism and solidarity values, Entrepreneurs du Monde’s head office was transferred to Lyon, France.

On 3rd March 2015, 200 people from the Rhône-Alpes region – representatives, private individuals, companies, local entities, non-profit organisations, universities and schools – came to meet up with the organisation’s team – employees, directors and volunteers.

They discovered or re-discovered Entrepreneurs du Monde’s actions in favor of the economic initiatives of the poorest; then they worked with the team to think of new ideas to strengthen the NGO’s fame.

Active and creative guests!

Sitting together in groups of ten, they thought of how to let people in the region know about the organisation and how to set up partnerships. Many excellent and innovative ideas came up during the exercise, as the attendees were enthusiastic doing it. These ideas will be explored and developed in the next few weeks.

We address our thanks to Karine Dognin-Sauze and Dounia Besson, deputies mayor, appointed respectively to international and European affairs, and to social and solidarity economy, who trusted us, enabled the disposal of the city hall room and took in charge the reception costs. Thus we were able to welcome our guests very well and still have the possibility to use 100% of your donations for our actions.

A new arrival

The Burkina Faso team is delighted to announce the birth of the latest addition to the Entrepreneurs du Monde family: YIKRI (Mooré for ’emergence’), a microfinance programme prioritising the most vulnerable micro-entrepreneurs, in particular women living with HIV or disabilities.

The programme operates in the distant suburbs of the capital, known as “quartiers non-lotis” (undeveloped areas), as the population there own no property, and there is no basic utility supply (water and electricity). The women mostly arrive from the countryside, fleeing abject poverty and hoping to build a better life in the city.

The first groups of beneficiaries have already been set up, and started their training sessions in early February.