Agnès, a beneficiary in Burkina Faso

Agnès, a beneficiary in Burkina Faso


“My name is Agnes Kamouni. My activity is sewing. When I arrived in Burkina Faso after leaving Côte d’Ivoire in 2002, I started by selling loincloths (fabrics) on the market. Unfortunately this activity did not work and I was discouraged. But I took my courage in both hands!

What encouraged me even more was to be able to get a first loan of 30,000 CFA francs (46 euros). I was able to pay for sewing equipment: zippers, buttons, fabrics… It brought me 20,000 CFA francs (30 €) in profit and I also repaid my credit!

I then took over a credit of 35,000 CFA francs (53 €), I did the same thing and it brought me 50,000 CFA francs (76 €).

Discouragement is not Burkinabe!”


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