Robert, a Say Yes! to Business beneficiary in Haiti

Robert, a Say Yes! to Business beneficiary in Haiti


“In 2006, I made the decision to leave Haiti and go to the Dominican Republic. When I came back in 2014, I couldn’t find a job that would allow me to evolve and so I decided to start! So I thought about what I could do in my community, in which sector I could evolve.

When I was in the Dominican Republic, I thought about it again, the majority of the chickens consumed in Haiti come from the Dominican Republic and they produce different classes of chicken there: one category to export to rich countries, one category that they consume at home and one category exclusively for the Haitian market, which is made up mainly of waste from the other two categories and therefore carries disease.

At the end of 2016 a friend told me about an institution called Entrepreneurs du Monde and its program that trains people in entrepreneurship so that they can start their own businesses. After this training I became another person, I started to see life in a different way. »


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