Srey Ka, a Chamroeun beneficiary in Cambodia

Srey Ka, a Chamroeun beneficiary in Cambodia

TA KHAMO, near PHNOM PENH, with our partner CHAMROEUN

Sa Ath is thrilled: her older children were unable to go to school, so she moved mountains to make sure that her youngest daughter could have an education.

Before finding out about Chamroeun Sa Ath sold fish, but she only earned a pittance. Determined to offer her daughter a better future, Sa Ath opened up part of her house and built a shelter where she could sell coffee and other drinks. To fund her project she approached Chamroeun for a loan.

With an initial loan of 400,000 riels (€86), Sa Ath first bought a table, some chairs and a small amount of stock. With further loans, she progressively developed her café. The next loan will be used to buy a television to attract more clients.

Sa Ath has learnt to manage her business and her family budget better. She has also adopted good habits that help her avoid illness, prioritise education, etc. More importantly, she has opened a savings account to help restock her café and plan family expenditure… and her daughter’s school fees!

“Thank you for having faith in me without asking for a guarantee! I earn twice as much, we have a better standard of living and my daughter is able to go to school! I dream that by studying she will be able to get a good job. It’s the key to her future!”

* 900,000 riels, that is €200 per month.


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