Positioning on environment and climate

Positioning on environment and climate

Alongside the most vulnerable for more than 25 years, Entrepreneurs du Monde already notice the effects of environmental crisis in the field. The team go into action to help mitigate climate change and to promote the resilience of people in very precarious situations. Our NGO integrate the climate and environmental dimension in all its actions.

By assuming 2030 Agenda and its 17 sustainable development objectives and the Paris Agreement on climate change, United Nations member states has created a global framework for national action and global cooperation on sustainable development to preserve et protect climate system, for the benefit of present and future generations. Latest report from Intergovernmental Panel on climate Change published in 2021 recalls the reality of current and future climate change as well as the responsibility of human activities in these changes.

The ecological crisis (loss of biodiversity, pollution, climate change) is likely to increase poverty in the world: 100 million of additional people may become poor by 2030. This consequence highlights the climate injustice suffered by the poorest: they are the first to be affected, while the richest 1% in the world have an average carbon footprint 175 times higher than the one from 10% of the poorest.

What are the actions of Entrepreneurs du Monde to support its beneficiaries in the face of global warming?

Reduce the negative effects of global warming

Entrepreneurs du Monde deploys solutions for people in precarious situations with :

  • High-energy performance cooking equipment and solar lighting.
  • Agroecological training and agricultural advice to support the transition to resilient and sustainable agriculture.
  • Support for employment or business creation related to waste reduction.
  • Valorization of productions to promote a responsible local economy.
  • Raize awareness of people in precarious situations to climate risk.

Prepare for the consequences

Entrepreneurs du Monde take into account environemental risk on every level.

We helps our programs to integrate the environmental and climate dimension into their vision, assignment, objectives and daily operation. For this, we relies on external expertise, our technical referents, the exchange of experiences and the pooling of tools.

Each program appoint a reference person on the issue, raise awareness among all teams and promote collective commitment around environmental and climate issue with training, debates and symbolic events.

Act pragmatically

Entrepreneurs du Monde supports its programs to reconcile economic balance, social mission and sustainability. We therefore consider the climate issue when implementing new programs.

Entrepreneurs du Monde strives to share its pragmatic vision of the climate theme, based on action and adaptation to all the contexts in which we operate.