In Haiti: PALMIS Enèji

Providing the most vulnerable families with access to energy for cooking and lighting

In Haiti, 72% of households have no access to electricity. For lighting, they have to rely on candles or kerosene lamps whose light is too weak for domestic activities or studying. For cooking, they use basic inefficient charcoal stoves that exacerbate deforestation and give off extremely toxic smoke for their users. Suitable equipment does exist: solar lamps give a better quality light and are cheaper to run in the long term. Improved stoves and gas cookers use less energy. However, these products are rarely available in Haiti and financial services facilitating their acquisition are rare.

PALMIS Enèji, launched at the end of 2012 as an Entrepreneurs du Monde programme, and which became a Public Limited Company in 2014, wants to enable everyone to have access to clean, modern and affordable energy. It operates as a franchised distribution business supplying improved stoves, portable PGL stoves and solar lamps to:

  • Franchised traders, with three main tools: economic (activity diversification, wholesale finance, purchase price negotiation); training (technical, management and marketing); communications (advertising, marketing);
  • Families, with two other tools: promotion and awareness-raising (public demonstrations, information campaigns, etc.), microcredit.

NB: PALMIS Enèji is developing in synergy with Palmis Mikwofinans Sosyal.

Expansion of the sales network

At the end of 2015, 150 sellers were active in three areas. The network is continuing to expand, primarily in the suburbs.

Supporting growers’ associations

PALMIS Enèji is supporting a new category of people: growers’ associations. Indeed, in rural areas, families continue to use basic, inefficient and costly equipment for lighting or cooking. In 2016, PALMIS Enèji will serve those rural families, by creating partnerships with growers’ associations and cooperatives.