Palmis Enèji : Acces to energy in Haiti

Palmis Enèji : Acces to energy in Haiti

1 645 solar lamps and kits in 2017

1 186 improved stoves in 2017

3 604 LPG stoves in 2017


In Haiti, 62% of households have no accessto electricity. For lighting, they use candles or kerosene lamps. For cooking, they use rudimentary, inefficient charcoal cookstoves, which exacerbate deforestation and emit harmful fumes. PALMIS Enèji therefore promotes access to clean, modern and economical energy. After its launch as an Entrepreneurs du Monde programme in late 2012, PALMIS Enèji became a public limited company in 2014.

Adapted equipment and a franchisee network

Palmis Enèji has selected solar lighting kits, gas stoves and improved wood/ charcoal cookstoves to meet the needs of their target audiences. To popularise these, it has created a network of microfranchisee dealers, through three forms of leverage: economic (revenue creation, negotiation of purchase prices), training (technical, management, marketing) and communications (advertising and marketing).

Funding options

The team offers energy microloans to the poorest families, through a partnership with Palmis Mikwofinans Sosyal (a social microfinance institution incubated by Entrepreneurs du Monde).

Partnerships with local manufacturers

The team has worked closely with two blacksmiths in Port-au-Prince to produce professional gas hobs for school canteens, street food vendors, orphanages, etc. This collaboration has helped to develop a model of gas hop that is better suited to the needs of catering professionals. Palmis Enèji now also supplies burners to manufacturers, which allows them to save money and no longer have to deal with supply and manufacturing failures. In the future, Palmis Enèji intends to work with other workshops in other regions, and to gradually become part of the chain of locally manufactured equipment.

Direct imports propane lamps and stoves

To help to extend their range, the team has started importing propane lamps and stoves directly fromthe manufacturers. Good-quality innovative products will therefore be brought onto the Haitian market at affordable prices.


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Palmis Eneji’s financial partners

PALMIS Enèji has raised funds in the form of an associates’ current account with its three shareholders: the Yunus Social Business Haiti Foundation, Grameen Crédit Agricole and Entrepreneurs du Monde. Entrepreneurs du Monde, the main shareholder, has raised funds from the Agence Française de Développement, TOTAL, OFID and KIVA. PALMIS Enèji can therefore fund its development with an innovative mix of equity, loans and subsidies. They manage to reach the poorest people and gradually build up their sustainability.

To fulfil its mission more quickly, PALMIS ENEJI is seeking new financial partners.

Palmis Eneji's partnerships 2017

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