Palmis Enèji : Acces to energy in Haiti

Palmis Enèji : Acces to energy in Haiti


56% of Haitian households live with energy insecurity. It leads serious consequences: the lack of gas subsidies means that households are using wood charcoal for cooking, leading to the destruction of forest cover (covering 2% of the country today, compared with 20 % in 1978). The consequences of such desertification aresevere.
The lack of access to electrical energy is also a major problem: even those homes which are officially connected to the electricity network have an electricity supply which is rare or intermittent.

Palmis Enèji : access to energy for the most vulnerable people

In 2012, Entrepreneurs du Monde created PALMIS Enèji to allow people living with energy insecurity to protect their health, improve their financial situation and safeguard their environment by providing access to energy sources and equipment which are more efficient and/or renewable.




PALMIS Enèji has created a brand and a network of micro-franchised retailers to distribute equipment which is tailored, innovative and efficient (solar lighting kits, gas stoves and improved wood/ charcoal stoves) with accessible prices and payment terms. Its work includes raising awareness within communities and strengthening capacity.

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