Palmis Enèji : Acces to energy in Haiti

Palmis Enèji : Acces to energy in Haiti

5 591beneficiaries

6 989equipment sold

555 886 €savings achieved by the families

*Figures 2021


56 % of Haitian households live in energy poverty, with serious consequences for their own health and budget as well as for the environment. With no access to gas, they use expensive charcoal for cooking, which causes tiredness, noxious fumes, and dramatic deforestation (there is 2 % forest cover in the country today, compared with 20 % in 1978). Access to electricity is also a major problem: even for the rare houses actually connected to the electricity grid, the power supply is intermittent.

Palmis Enèji : access to energy for the most vulnerable people

Entrepreneurs du Monde created PALMIS Enèji in 2012 for these people living in energy poverty. It helps them to obtain efficient, economic and modern cooking and lighting equipment, bringing tangible benefits for their health and budget as well as the environment. The lighting kits on offer are powered by renewable solar energy.


Methodology of PALMIS Enèji

PALMIS Enèji has created a brand and a network of micro-franchised resellers to distribute adapted, innovative and efficient equipment (solar lighting kits, gas heaters and improved wood/ charcoal stoves) with accessible prices and payment conditions. Its activity includes community awareness-raising and capacity building.

Support by Entrepreneurs du Monde : A project that has become a limited company

PALMIS Enèji became a limited company bunder Haitian law in 2014, and is fundingnits development through an innovativenmixture of shares, loans, and subscriptions. In 2020, several socio-political problems slowed PALMIS Enèji’s growth (31% instead of the planned 43%), and reduced its operational self-sufficiency to 71%. But Entrepreneurs du Monde will continue to support this young social enterprise even through the difficult periods, until it becomes fully autonomous.


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