Des Saveurs et des Ailes : supporting the creation of VSB / professional integration

Des Saveurs et des Ailes : supporting the creation of VSB / professional integration

47people welcomed

7people who received training


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In France nearly 10 million people live below the poverty line. For some, entrepreneurship can be a factor in social inclusion, notably in the catering sector, which is changing. But a good knowledge of cooking and the theory of the trade is not enough. To start up successfully in the catering sector, vulnerable people need support  that allows them to refine and test their ideas, find customers and put their  business on a firm footing.

Des Saveurs et des Ailes : Enabling sustainable inclusion and meeting territorial needs

Entrepreneurs du Monde has therefore established  the ICI (Incubation Creation Inclusion) project in Lyon to foster sustainable socio-economic integration for people in a vulnerable situation or at tipping point. The team works with them to create businesses that answer the catering need in the area.

Covid19 has caused difficulties in the sector but also some opportunities: sales of take aways has doubled and delivered and drive through orders have jumped (+ 25%).  The entrepreneurs need support more than ever to make use of these opportunities.

Des Saveurs et des Ailes methodology

Project leaders are welcomed and are helped to remove the obstacles to their integration, in partnership with local public and private organisations. Those who have realistic business projects take part in our 10-week theoretical and practical training. This covers kitchen organisation, hygiene rules, cost calculation, choosing quality local suppliers, preparation of a business plan using market research and financial forecasting, commercial strategy, accounting, law, insurance, etc.

Then those who wish to can test their ideas in our food truck school by joining our business incubator.

Support by Entrepreneurs du Monde

As with all the programmes it creates and incubates, Entrepreneurs du Monde is structuring and supporting the ICI programme to help it become autonomous in every aspect. The team particularly aims for financial viability by:

  • accepting mainly people who are able to obtain finance from OPCO (state training agency), their personal training account or elsewhere.
  • the sale of service provision to do with training.
  • requesting a contribution from participants for renting incubator equipment and to share other costs.

Once this model has been proven, Entrepreneurs du Monde intend to roll it out in other regions.


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