FANSOTO : Social microfinance in Senegal

FANSOTO : Social microfinance in Senegal

3 branches in 2017

1 267 beneficiaries in 2017

99% of whom are women in 2017

FANSOTO supports socio-economic initiatives led by vulnerable women in Casamance.

FANSOTO : A Social Microfinance programme to support microentrepreneurs in Casamance

Three decades of armed conflict have taken their toll on the economy of the Ziguinchor region. Driven by insecurity, the people have fled their villages to find shelter in cities (Ziguinchor and Bignona). Today, stranded in outlying areas bereft of infrastructure and employment, these people live in poverty in overcrowded areas. They face numerous difficulties, including in terms of diet, education and their children’s health.

Since 2008, Entrepreneurs du Monde has been supporting Savings and Credit Unions in Senegal. In 2016, we decided to create a specific Social Microfinance programme for Casamance: FANSOTO, «Succeeding by the sweat of our brow», to contribute to the socio-economic empowerment of women. The programme’s mission is to offer local financial services (savings and unsecured microloans) and non-financial services (training, followup social support), enabling women to successfully manage income-generating activities, thus improving their and their families’ living conditions.


Fight against economic inequalities and fight for women’s empowerment

The team has set up three service centres in the most vulnerable areas of Ziguinchor and Bignona. One year after the launch, it already runs 66 groups of 33 micro-entrepreneurs, including people referred by Handicap International. It has delivered 950 training sessions with interactive teaching materials: 6 on initial awareness (role of the group, the importance of savings, etc.), 20 economic and one social module.

To support a larger number of vulnerable people, FANSOTO intends to develop their work in rural areas with the recruitment of several people and the opening of new points of service. FANSOTO is also working to strengthen farmers’ capacities with the creation of specific training and to improve its social support with the recruitment of a social worker.


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FANSOTO’s partners

To achieve these objectives, FANSOTO relies on its funding partners: the Agence Française de Développement, la Coopération Monégasque, Pays de Savoie Solidaire, the Entrepreneurs du Monde Foundation, the SAS Microfinance Solidaire and one fund that prefers to remain anonymous. Even so, FANSOTO still requires further partnerships to cont inue its development.


Fansoto's partnerships

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