MIAWODO : Support to very small businesses in Togo

MIAWODO : Support to very small businesses in Togo

Unemployment affects 39% of the population and the majority survive by means of the informal economy. On the one hand, this has an adverse effect on individual and family stability; on the other, it adversely affects the country’s growth. The Government has, therefore, made employment a priority in its national development plan. This strategic document emphasises “a structural transformation of the economy, for a strong, sustainable and creative increase in decent jobs”. Any action to support the national effort is welcome, especially ideas aimed at young people, most of whom are under-employed or in informal employment.

MIAWODO : Supporting Togolese youth towards decent and sustainable employment

In February 2018, Entrepreneurs du Monde launched a programme to support entrepreneurship and employability. This programme is entitled MIAWODO (“let’s work together” in the local language). Its mission is to contribute to the economic development of vulnerable populations through the creation and development of very small businesses (VSBs) and access to sustainable employment. MIAWODO is aimed at non-qualified and unskilled populations, especially young people, who live in very poor urban areas, in Lomé and/or suburban areas. The team focuses on projects with a social or environmental impact.

The methodology of MIAWODO

The Miawodo team listens to beneficiaries and steers them towards the “employability” or the “entrepreneurship” component. The beneficiaries then participate in training sessions: writing a CV, preparing for interviews or making a business plan. Throughout their course, they are supported individually until they find sustainable employment or set up their own business.


Like all the programmes it establishes and supports, Entrepreneurs du Monde provides a structure and supports MIAWODO on all fronts (legal, financial, methodology, human and financial resources, management, reporting, etc.), with the ultimate aim of becoming an operationally and financially independent local legal entity.

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