Un Toit Vers l’Emploi, support for economic integration and housing in France

Un Toit Vers l’Emploi, support for economic integration and housing in France

Finding work when living on the street is generally extremely unrealistic. How can you fully devote yourself to finding a job without having the means to wash yourself, eat or feel safe… and often with self-esteem at its lowest? Even if opportunities do arise, they would have to be in close vicinity, as mobility is often very limited: no driving license or vehicle, no means of renting accommodation…

Entrepreneurs du Monde therefore started, in 2019, the program “Un Toit vers l’Emploi”  based in Rouen, to offer a path for social and economic reintegration to homeless people, articulated around two principles:

  • Offering small wood mobile homes through its simplified joint-stock company for social purposes, “La Fabrik à Yoops”.
  • Supporting socio-economic integration through the associative structure, “La Case Départ

Methodology of “Un Toit Vers L’Emploi”: “La Fabrique à Yoops” and “La Case Départ”

La Fabrik à Yoops

“La Fabrique à Yoops” is a simplified joint-stock company created in December 2020. ESUS approval was obtained in January 2021.

After fundraising 650 000 euros in December 2021, production of the tiny houses was enabled in March 2022: the first Yoops house will be delivered in June 2022.

The aim is to have 55 houses for rent by 2025, primarily in the metropolis of Rouen, and 85 houses for sale throughout France.

La Case Départ

Opening of an unconditional day care center in January 2021, offering:

  • Social counseling
  • Orientation towards partners of the metropolis;
  • Assistance in searching for employment;
  • Help identifying stable housing through tiny houses or in the housing stock;
  • Thematic workshops.

127 people received in 2021 and 300 expected in 2022.

Incubation by Entrepreneurs du Monde

As with all the programs that it creates and incubates, Entrepreneurs du Monde structures and supports the “Un Toit Vers l’Emploi” program on all levels (legal, financial, methodology, human and financial resources, management, reporting, etc.) to eventually become an operationally and financially autonomous entity. The economic viability of “Un Toit vers l’Emploi” will be built thanks to the rents collected on the tiny houses and to the tiny houses sold to others by its social business.


Les partenaires d’Un Toit vers l’Emploi

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