Sharing expertise

Sharing expertise

Drawing on its wealth of experience in the field, Entrepreneurs du Monde also shares its expertise with the general public and with professionals through training sessions in higher education, an Internet site devoted to the sharing of documentation, and workshops and themed days.

Social Economy training for students

1 student in 2 hopes to work in the social economy sector. Students from all sectors show a keen interest in this area and consider it will develop in the future. Entrepreneurs du Monde’s mission is to share its expertise with the professionals of today and tomorrow so that they can work for a more inclusive and social economy.

Since 2012, Entrepreneurs du Monde has been involved in higher education, both in France and internationally, and offers, in French and English, awareness-raising activities, structured courses, and long-term projects concerned with social microfinance, social business and access to energy. The organisation’s training offer is adapted to a wide variety of courses (political science, business, entrepreneurship, development…).

An Internet site for the sharing of documentation

Entrepreneurs du Monde hosts a specialised website where the organisation shares, in depth, its expertise in social microfinance, support for the creation of Very Small Businesses, and access to energy.

Since its creation, Entrepreneurs du Monde has ensured that its programmes produce knowledge-sharing and evaluation documents.

The organisation’s expertise, methodology sheets, tools and training documents are shared amongst the programmes and other actors in the sector via the Internet site “PRACTICES – Microfinance & energy”, available in French and English. PRACTICES – Microfinance & energy is a network for exchanging experiences, the aim of which is to contribute towards an improvement in the quality and impact of actions carried out in the field.

Regional workshops in Asia and Africa and Special events in Lyon, France

Since 2005, Entrepreneurs du Monde has been organising workshops in Africa and in Asia with its programmes and partner organisations. Each workshop is an opportunity to share experience and reflect on one or several specific topics (rural microfinance, social marketing, social performance management…).

In 2015, Entrepreneurs du Monde decided to organise a new event of the same kind in France. The Social Microfinance Days were organised in Lyon that year, bringing together French and European finance operators, financiers and public bodies. After the success of this event, Entrepreneurs du Monde organised the Social Business International Days in 2017. More events will be planned.