Our training courses for students

Our training courses for students

Strong interest from students but little knowledge of the social enterprise sector

1 in 2 students would like to work in the social economy

56% of students vaguely know what the social economy is

50% of students vaguely know about social entrepreneurship

Source: 1680 students from French grandes écoles interviewed – IPSOS – BCG – CGE Study, Dec. 2017


Our mission is to spread the word to the professionals of today and tomorrow so that they can make a difference

Since 2012, Entrepreneurs du Monde has been sharing its practices and fieldwork expertise in higher education in France and abroad. The association can offer (in French or English):

  • Introduction to the social business sector
  • Structured training courses, from 3 to 24 hours
  • Student projects lasting several months (linked to and supervised by the Entrepreneurs du Monde team)

We engage with subjects linked to our core missions, such as development project management, social enterprise (management of a social enterprise in a developing country), social micro-finance (theory, methodology, operational management) and access to energy (current state of the sector, economic models developed).

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Our input is based on our field experience in the countries in which we currently operate: We teach as practitioners.

Our trainers are development professionals in economic development. They communicate a pragmatic understanding of what happens in the field, and offer students their personal experiences of working in the sector.

75 to 100% of our sessions consist of practical exercises: Students consult course documents beforehand which informs their contributions to class discussions.

In 2018-2019

15 partner institutions

950 students trained

420 hours of training delivered


Partner institutions and courses


“Great content, really interesting, and also of great benefit to have teachers linked to the activities on the ground”

“I did not want to attend this class but had to due to scheduling issues. It turned out to be the best class I had this semester. Very interesting, interactive. Thank you!”

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