Sont Oo Tehtwin Partner Satisfaction Survey 2016

Sont Oo Tehtwin Partner Satisfaction Survey 2016

1 March 2017

The partner satisfaction survey, conducted in October 2016, was the first to be undertaken by Sont Oo Tehtwin. A questionnaire and focus groups were used to gather viewpoints from partners on their satisfaction and understanding of the products and services offered. The purpose of the study is to identify positive and negative feedbacks on the program and subsequently determine potential recommendations for improvements when relevant.

Key findings

  • 336 questionnaires and six focus groups were completed
  • Overall satisfaction levels are high, with 76% very satisfied with SOO’s services and 21% reporting good levels of satisfaction. 90% of partners gave a satisfaction score of 4 or 5 out of 5 for the loan products, saving products and training. On average satisfaction levels appeared to increase as customers borrowed for longer.
  • Overall 62% of partners said their household income had increased moderately since borrowing with Sont Oo Tehtwin, 14% said it had increased a lot, only 1% said it had not increased.
  • Training sessions were well reviewed with 79% of respondents giving a score of very good and 18% good. Partners expressed a wish for more artisanal/crafts training and also agricultural specific training.


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