Daw Thet Thet Mar, fish producer in Myanmar

Daw Thet Thet Mar, fish producer in Myanmar

In the suburbs of the city, the majority of residents are poor and illiterate. As a result, they have little access to paid employment. So, to survive, they set up an informal income-generating activity. But without access to credit and training, they find it hard to develop and sustain the business.

Sont Oo Tehtwin, a microfinance programme created and incubated by Entrepreneurs du Monde, was launched in 2014 to help the most vulnerable people to become entrepreneurs.

Daw is a Sont OO Tehtwin beneficiary.

Thanks to Sont OO Tehtwin, I got into this business and now sell my products in my own shop.

Daw Thet Thet Mar, productrice de poisson en Birmanie

Loyal support

In 2019, Sont Oo Tehtwin gave me my first loan of 600,000 Kyats (€ 270) to start my dried fish production. With each successive loan, I was able to buy and smoke more and more fish and increase my sales and income.

A helping hand through the crisis

During the crisis, I was having difficulty selling my products and I was short of money to repay my loan. At that point, Sont Oo Tehtwin helped me a great deal: the timescales and amounts of my repayments were changed. This enabled me to get through the crisis and bring my production back up to pre-crisis levels.

A solid ambition

I now want to buy heat lamps to dry the fish during the rainy season, so that I can continue to dry enough fish despite the lack of sunlight. I’m even thinking of becoming a wholesaler: I’m steadily increasing my production and I’ll soon be able to sell some of it to food shops.