Innocent, a YIKRI beneficiary in Burkina Faso

Innocent, a YIKRI beneficiary in Burkina Faso

Thanks to YIKRI, a social microfinance program developed by Entrepreneurs du Monde in Burkina Faso, Innoncent is improving his and her family daily life.

A new and unstable activity

My name is Innocent, I am married and a father of 5 children.
Five years ago, I decided to go into the market gardening. Things were not easy at the beginning: my animals would go to the field and they nibbled my plants; I had to fetch water in the well at 2 kms away. I commuted by bike about ten times to water the garden.

Growth through access to credit

A year ago or so, I joined Yikri,  which provided me with 3 successive loans for a total of 300 000 FrCFA (457€). This was the very first time that I was granted a credit, and this has changed my life !
These loans enabled me to buy fences for the garden as well as a cart to stop useless journeys to fetch water. As a result, my activity is more profitable and I have doubled the size of my field !

When dreams come true thanks to Yikri!

Now that my business has grown, I am feeling more optimistic for my children and my nephews’ future. Today, they all go to school (except the youngest !) and who knows, maybe later, they shall be ‘important people’, why not ministers !
I have so far earned enough revenues to build one house for my brother and a second one for my children.
And I want to keep going on: I will open a shop at the market thanks to a new loan and to my growing activity. You know, gardening remains an unstable activity because of the weather conditions : I diversify my business so that it’s less risky.
Thanks Yikri, keep helping us !