Lo, farmer in Vietnam

Lo, farmer in Vietnam

The province of Dien Bien is the poorest in Vietnam. Its population, 80% of which is made up of ethnic minorities, lives mainly from farming and livestock rearing. Because of their lack of collateral, rural populations are less likely to have access to bank capital.

Anh Chi Em Entrepreneurs du Monde’s social microfinance programme, was launched in Dien Bien in 2007 to support entrepreneurs with very limited income or assets, a weak voice in the community or high exposure to natural disasters.

Lo Thi Thuong is a beneficiary of the Anh Chi Em programme.

I’m a cattle breeder. Thanks to Anh Chi Em, my animals are doing well and my income is increasing

bénéficiaire_Lo THI THUONG

Training and loans thanks to Anh Chi Em

When I started out, my income was low and I found it hard to look after my animals properly. Thanks to the training and loans I received from Anh Chi Em, I was able to develop my business and start breeding carp. Now I can sell my animals at a higher price.

Useful support

I’m very satisfied with Anh Chi Em’s support because I’m learning to take better care of my livestock and I’m meeting other women entrepreneurs. They’ve even elected me leader of the group in my village!

Numerous projects

Now I want to buy more animals to sell at Christmas time. At the same time, I want to sell fruit juice and water to supplement my income and meet my family’s needs.