Lo Van Tien, an Anh Chi Em (ACE) beneficiary in Vietnam

Lo Van Tien, an Anh Chi Em (ACE) beneficiary in Vietnam

In Dien Bien, with our programme Anh Chi Em (ACE)


I now have financial security and I have created employment!


Forty-six-year-old Lo Van Tien is a farmer in the Noong commune of Dien Bien district, a province on the mountain border of north-west Vietnam. Previously, his financial situation meant that he could only farm the land. His annual revenue was limited and life was extremely complicated. The rice harvests were inadequate. He wanted to escape poverty at all costs so that his wife and children could be happier.

Eight years ago, during a village meeting, Lo Van Tien heard of the existence of the ACE* programme. Without hesitation, he registered to take part. With his 6 first loans he invested in rice plants, then he bought some pigs, ducks and some fish! Lo Van Tien wanted to diversify his agricultural activities so that even if one of the ventures failed, he was certain of revenue each year.

Lo Van Tien is a keen participant in the ACE training scheme and says : “The ACE team teaches many techniques. I apply them to eliminate parasites and achieve a higher yield of paddy**. In addition, my animals are prospering and catching fewer diseases.”

Now, Lo Van Tien no longer has to worry about putting food on the table. Every year, he sells 4 tonnes more paddy! He is proud that the family is no longer poor. Through his perseverance and courage, he has been selected by ACE as one of the 10 participants in the 11th edition of “Citi Vietnam Micro-Entrepreneur Award”.

He even employs 10 seasonal workers every year! The family revenue is 110 million VND*** (a little less than 4 000€) a year, with a total activity of 450 million VND (almost 16 300 €). They are now flourishing and happy. Lo Van Tien told us: “ACE has had a huge impact on the family’s financial development!”

* Anh Chi Em (ACE): social microfinance institute created and developed in Vietnam by Entrepreneurs du Monde.
** Paddy: threshed, unmilled rice.
*** VND: Vietnamese Dong, the official Vietnamese currency


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