EMERGENCE : Support to very small businesses in Burkina-Faso

EMERGENCE : Support to very small businesses in Burkina-Faso

35%of women

791people welcomed

111VSBS currently in development

In the neighbourhoods on the outskirts of the capital, living conditions are very tough. The population is very dense and poorer than average. Many inhabitants are young (15-35 years) and moved here as part of the rural exodus, and all find it hard to get work. But if they are helped to start their own businesses or find steady paid work, they can become independent and contribute to Burkina Faso’s economic development.

Set up in December 2017 by Entrepreneurs du Monde, the EMERGENCE programme responds to the support needs of these populations in neighbourhoods on the outskirts of the capital by offering group training and personalised support.

Methodology of EMERGENCE

The team offers a reception, listening and referral service for jobseekers and business project holders. After this first stage, the team directs service-users towards one of two streams: ‘Professional Integration’ or ‘Entrepreneurship’. These provide training in skills such as CV writing, performing well in job interviews and writing a business plan. They also receive support from their professional integration or entrepreneurship keyworker until they find steady employment or start their own business.


Incubation by Entrepreneurs du Monde

Like all of the programmes Entrepreneurs du Monde sets up and incubates, EMERGENCE is structured and supported with a view to achieving autonomy in all areas: legal, financial, methodological, human and financial resources, management, reporting etc. Among other things, the EMERGENCE team is aiming for financial viability. To this end it is setting up an enterprise academy with a focus on human services, a sector which is still emerging but which is an important driver of economic growth in the country.


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