EMERGENCE : Support to very small businesses in Burkina-Faso

EMERGENCE : Support to very small businesses in Burkina-Faso

206people assisted to become entrepreneurs

170people assisted with professional integration


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In certain peripheral districts of Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, the population is very dense and poorer than the average. A large part arrived there after the rural exodus and are young (15-35 years old). The inhabitants live in very difficult conditions and have great difficulty finding stable and regular sour income. However, they can gain autonomy and contribute to the economic development of Burkina Faso with help to create a business or find a job.

To support these populations towards economic and social integration, the NGO Entrepreneurs du Monde created the Emergence program in 2017. The team offers group training courses and personalized individual support to young people and women from the outlying districts of the capital.

EMERGENCE : program methodology

The team offers a care, counseling and orientation service to job seekers and entrepreneurs. 76% of them have never been trained for professional integration or entrepreneurship. After this first step, the project holder is oriented towards the “Professional integration” or “Entrepreneurship” course. By integrating the right course, he has access to training and to regular and individual support from a support manager to define and carry out his professional project.

Professional integration: professional project, CV and cover letter, interview preparation.

Business creation & development: business plan, fundraising, sales and management training.

Crèche Emergence

Formation Emergence

Incubation – Viability – Autonomy

As with all the programs it creates and incubates, Entrepreneurs du Monde supports Émergence in its structuring and empowerment. To achieve financial viability and sustain its actions, Émergence has initiated a business-school model in the social care sector: the school axis offers training and qualification as well as support for professional integration, and the business axis offers professional experiences to those learning. In 2021, Émergence started a commercialization pilot program of these personal services.

Safi Sawadogo
“EMERGENCE gave me very concrete support! »

“My name is Safi Sawadogo, I am 44 years old and I am a widow. I have 6 children aged 4 to 18, 3 of whom go to school. Émergence has given me very concrete support: I participated in its training in cleaning and maintenance, and then Émergence found me a job. I have been cleaning for a family for 8 months. I am relieved because this income allows me to meet my family’s expenses and my children’s school fees. »

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Safi bénéficiaire

Focus on the project supporting young women's entrepreneurship in Burkina Faso (PREJEF)

In order to create skilled jobs and make up for the lack of childcare in Burkina Faso the PREJEF project was initiated in 2020 for a period of 3 years, funded by the Union European,.

The project was led by Émergence, the Planète Enfants et Développement association and the YIKRI Microfinance Institution.

From 2021, 150 women from Ouagadougou and its outskirts received technical training in early childhood professions. 136 of them then completed a practical internship for 3 months in childcare facilities.This mix of theoretical and practical training allowed them to obtain a basic qualification certificate to be a Nursery Assistant (CQB). In addition, to facilitate the start of their activity, each received a kit of sleeping, hygiene, cooking equipment and early learning games.

Then, they were listened to by an Emergence support officer to guide them towards the second part of the course: looking for a job as a childminder or creating a service for awakening and educating young people. children (SEEJE). This second phase involves collective training and individual support to formulate and implement their professional integration project.

In March 2022, 36 of them had already found a job in a nursery and 20 were developing their own service. Of these, 13 received a loan to adapt and equip their premises. 411 children already benefit from childcare services provided by professionals.

Perspectives 2022

Opening of the Emergence laundry-school

Since 2019, Émergence has been training and supporting laundry managers through a custom course. Through this involvement, the team has noticed a strong demand  from professionals and young job seekers for formal and qualifying training in the technical career aspects. Indeed, the demand for dry cleaning services is growing in Burkina Faso and the trade is mostly learned late in life. Émergence has therefore decided to open a laundry-school in 2022 with environmentally responsible practices to train apprentices in conditions.

Cleaning and maintenance professionals

In 2021, Émergence developed a training course in cleaning and maintenance (AME). The course takes place over 2 days and aims to provide technical skills (effective cleaning and maintenance methods, proper use of equipment and products) and professional skills (finding a job as an AME, adopting a professional stance, managing of income, etc). 60 women were trained and certified, and half of them were later offered a job opportunity. In 2022, Émergence plans to train and position 75 more women.

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