EMERGENCE : Support to very small businesses in Burkina-Faso

EMERGENCE : Support to very small businesses in Burkina-Faso

Living conditions are very difficult in the capital’s suburbs, which are densely populated with people who are poorer than average. Many of them arrived there following rural exodus and are young (15-35 years old). All of them have a hard time finding a job. However, helping them to set up a business or find a permanent job can help them to become self-sufficient and contribute to Burkina Faso’s economic development.

EMERGENCE, a programme created in December 2017 by Entrepreneurs du Monde, supports people living in the western and northern suburbs of the capital. It helps them find a long term job or to create their own business, through group training and personalised support.

EMERGENCE : methodology

The team welcomes, listens to and directs jobseekers and entrepreneurs wishing to start up their own business. After this first step, beneficiaries are directed to the “Professional integration” or “Entrepreneurship” programme. They then integrate a training course to learn skills such as writing techniques for a resume, drafting a business plan or mastering a job interview. Beneficiaries are constantly monitored throughout the course by their integration or entrepreneurship trainer until they get a permanent job or start a business.

Incubated by Entrepreneurs du Monde

As for all the programmes it creates and incubates, Entrepreneurs du Monde structures and supports EMERGENCE so that the it can become independent on all fronts (legally, financially, methodologically, and in terms of staff and financial resources, management, reporting, etc.).

EMERGENCE therefore targets, among other things, financial sustainability. The team is investigating the most relevant legal structure and ways of self-financing. EMERGENCE also plans to create a business-school for catering businesses, which is both innovative (mobile application) and environmentally-friendly (solar energy technology, giving waste a second life, etc.).


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