EMERGENCE : Support to very small businesses in Burkina-Faso

EMERGENCE : Support to very small businesses in Burkina-Faso

EMERGENCE, which was set up in December 2017, has begun operating in the western and northern outskirts of the capital. These areas, mainly populated by young people (aged 15-35) and especially those who are part of the rural exodus, are teeming with an inactive and unemployed workforce. The EMERGENCE team will support them in their first steps towards autonomy and dignity.

At the beginning of December 2017, two permanent training and support staff were recruited, one tasked with providing entrepreneurship support, and the other focused on employability. They were joined by an accountant. It’s a new programme so everything needs to be done! To start with, they were asked to create a support pathway, training modules, tools, procedures, etc. In March, EMERGENCE will welcome its first beneficiaries.

EMERGENCE : Individual support, a key to success

EMERGENCE’s mission is to contribute to the economic development of Burkina Faso by the creating and developing Very Small Businesses (VSBs) and by providing access to permanent employment through skills training and continuing support for vulnerable people from unemployment hot spots. To meet the needs of its target community, EMERGENCE uses a methodology that is a mixture of listening, guidance and training, and creates a tailored programme of support for each beneficiary.

Active and welcoming offices

The entry point to the entrepreneurship and employability support offered by EMERGENCE is an employment and entrepreneurship advice office. It is essential that these offices are welcoming and inclusive. One of the reasons for the low level of socio-economic inclusion of the communities in our action areas is unhelpful attitudes towards them, as well as the lack of knowledge of existing structures and the services on offer. The team has been extensively briefed about the principle of non-exclusion: every visitor must be either accepted onto of the 2 proposed programmes or signposted to an ad hoc partner organisation. The reception process will determine the abilities and plans of every applicant, so that all beneficiaries whose needs match the services offered will be kept on, and other relevant guidance and support will be suggested to everyone else.


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We have been able to begin our activities thanks to the confidence placed in this programme by the French Development Agency (AFD). It is always difficult to find partners for a start-up programme that does not yet have concrete results to present. Thankfully the support of AFD has brought in other funders, including the endowment fund Saur Solidarités. We have confidence in the EMERGENCE programme’s potential as it has been made to measure to meet the needs of the communities in neighbourhoods that we know well. We therefore expect to attract other funders so that, together, we can achieve our objectives.

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