Mivo Energie : Acces to energy in Togo

Mivo Energie : Acces to energy in Togo

1 602 lamps and solar kits sold in 2017

1 335 cookstoves and gas kits sold in 2017

38 active resellers in 2017


Improving access to cheap, clean energy for the most vulnerable

When traditional fuels and poor quality equipment are used for cooking and lighting, there are terrible socioeconomic, health and environmental consequences. The most deprived, in particular women, use up 25% of their budget in this way, whilst breathing in toxic fumes that claim as many victims each year as AIDS and malaria put together.

In 2013, Entrepreneurs du Monde created the MIVO Energie project (“We fell fulfilled” in the local Ewe language) to make modern equipment such as solar lamps, gas cookstoves and improved fuel-saving cookstoves accessible to them. MIVO supports local cookstove manufacturers, puts in place a viable distribution network, develops tailored financial solutions and organizes awareness-raising campaigns. Entrepreneurs du Monde is helping the team to organize all aspects of its operations with the eventual aim of developing into a viable and autonomous social enterprise. MIVO Energie has obtained the status of local association.

Assessing rural needs

Populations in rural areas are more vulnerable than those in urban areas. In 2017, MIVO Energie undertook a study in northern Togo, in the Kara and Sokodé areas. The study showed that 75% of rural households were cooking with rudimentary and energy-intensive wood-burning cookstoves and that most of them used flashlights or candles, which make lighting very expensive. The team decided, therefore, to respond to the needs revealed by the study. They drew up a development plan, met with a lot of groups and microfinance institutions and began collaborating. New equipment (solar lamps, wood-burning cookstoves…) is being evaluated before being incorporated in the range to meet these families’ specific needs.


A range suited to rural areas

In 2017, several studies and surveys were conducted to improve the range of equipment offered by the programme. MIVO Energie will therefore begin to distribute gas refills in suburban areas. A study will be launched on setting up a high capacity solar equipment installation service, especially for the productive requirements of small businesses (hair salons, SMEs in the processing and marketing sector, grocery stores, etc.). Finally, a large wood-burning stove and new solar lamp models will be introduced into the programme’s range. All these new products will be tested during household trials.


Read the complete MIVO Energie’s fact sheet


MIVO Energie’s financial partners

In 2017, MIVO Energie received the support of the French Development Agency, OFID, the Raja Foundation, the Air Liquide Foundation, the Urbis Foundation, Microfinance Solidaire and a fund wishing to remain anonymous.
This support has allowed it to develop awareness-raising activities among vulnerable populations, to provide the distribution networks with communication tools and to offer appropriate financial services. As the project has not yet achieved operational self-sufficiency, MIVO Energie needs additional funding, in particular to carry out important awareness-raising campaigns as it begins its activities in the North.


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