Mivo Energie : Acces to energy in Togo

Mivo Energie : Acces to energy in Togo

15 712beneficiaries

19 640products sold

3 753 965 €savings achieved by the families

Energy insecurity worsens women’s poverty

The use of rudimentary cooking and lighting equipment has dramatic economic, hygiene and significant environmental consequences. The poorest people spend a large part of their budgets on it and inhale harmful fumes that kill as many people each year as AIDS and malaria combined. Moreover, the huge use of biomass for cooking on this inefficient equipment contributes to deforestation.
Finally, energy insecurity particularly affects women: they are responsible for the supply of wood and coal and cooking, thus are the most exposed to tiredness and toxic fumes

MIVO facilitates access to modern and lower cost energy

Entrepreneurs du Monde initiated the Togolese association MIVO Energie (We are content in the local Ewé language) in 2013 to facilitate access to modern and efficient equipment: solar lamps, gas stoves and improved fuel efficient cookstoves. They have an immediate impact on health, finances and environment. Improved cookstoves reduce the consumption of wood or coal and the emission of harmful fumes. As for gas stoves, they completely remove both.

Mivo Energie

Mivo Energie équipe

Méthodology of Mivo Energie

MIVO Energie has selected a range of lamps and stoves and has created a brand and marketing materials. It recruits and trains distributors and forges partnerships with large accounts to quickly reach a large number of families. MIVO Energie supports local producers of stoves and also organizes awareness campaigns and develops financial solutions for beneficiaries.


Incubation by Entrepreneurs du Monde

Entrepreneurs du Monde supports the structuring and development of MIVO Energie on all fronts: legal, operational and financial. The MIVO Energie association is led by a competent and very involved board of directors and operational team. Entrepreneurs du Monde supports them to the point of independence, especially for the management of social outcomes. Since the end of 2020, MIVO Energie is led by a Togolese deputy director.