Ang Khunthea, Pteah Baitong beneficiary in Cambodia

Ang Khunthea, Pteah Baitong beneficiary in Cambodia

Thanks to Pteah Baitong, Entrepreneurs du Monde’s energy access program in Cambodia, Ang Khunthe can light up her business and her home. She testifies!

“I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters, so I had to leave school at the end of primary school. This was a great disappointment to me and to my teacher because I was their best pupil. I got married in 2008 and worked for in a factory for 3 years for $60 a month. That’s really not much! Now, I have my own business and it’s going very well because I’m hard-working, friendly and have good business sense.

Pteah Baitong connected us to a mini solar grid, and it changed our lives! First of all, on a personal level because we have better living conditions and we feel safer. Secondly, on a professional level because it powers a TV and a fridge. The TV is what attracts the customers who buy my cold drinks!

Savings and quality of life

I used to use a small individual solar kit that generated much less light and I had to change the battery every year. Since I’ve been connected to the mini grid, I don’t need to buy ice to refresh the drinks anymore and I sell a lot more too. As a result, my profit has increased by 40%, or more than $50 a month! This means I no longer live ‘day-to-day’, I can now make plans for my business and family.”


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