Pteah Baitong : Acces to energy in Cambodia

Pteah Baitong : Acces to energy in Cambodia

100%of the beneficiaries live in rural areas

2 351beneficiaries


*2020 figures

In rural areas, 30% of Cambodian households are not connected to the electricity grid and use kerosene lamps or old car batteries. These are inexpensive to buy but very expensive to use. They also cause fires and emit noxious fumes. Moreover, they are far from providing the work and study conditions required to lift people out of poverty. Solar micro-grids can be an excellent alternative as they provide uninterrupted access to sustainable, safe and economical electricity!

Technological innovation to facilitate access to energy for the poorest

Entrepreneurs du Monde created the social enterprise Pteah Baitong in 2015, to provide good quality solar lighting kits for the most vulnerable families in rural areas. Since 2018, Pteah Baitong has also been catering for growing energy needs by installing and managing solar microgrids which provide green, affordable and reliable electricity with enough power to enable the development of revenue-generating activities. The team is also looking to diversify its range of equipment for productive use (e.g. egg or cricket incubators, water pumps, etc.).

Video of our partner OKRA presenting the village and the beneficiaries equipped by Pteah Baitong

A local distribution network

In three of the rural areas most affected by energy poverty (Kampong Speu, Svay Rieng and Takeo), Pteah Baitong has recruited and trained vendor-installers of solar appliances, ranging from individual lighting kits to connected micro-grids. They apply the comprehensive strategy
created by Pteah Baitong: branding, communication tools, sales events, high-quality installation and maintenance. These vendors are proud to be able to provide their communities with equipment with a strong social impact!

Support by Entrepreneurs du Monde

Entrepreneurs du Monde supports Pteah Baitong in its structuring and development in all aspects: legal, operational and financial. Eventually, Pteah Baitong will be a viable and sustainable local social enterprise, supported by a 100% Cambodian team. While they are still looking for the best economic model to adopt, the prospects offered by the development of solar micro-grids, coupled with productive uses of energy, are a source of hope!


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