Pteah Baitong : Acces to energy in Cambodia

Pteah Baitong : Acces to energy in Cambodia

Technological innovation to give to the poorest access to energy

In rural environments, 64% of the Cambodian households are not connected to the electrical network and resort to rudimentary equipment: kerosene lamps, old car batteries… Although their purchasing price is low, their cost of use is high. They are also a source of fire and emit toxic fumes. They are therefore far from fulfilling the required work and study conditions to get out of poverty.

Un réseau de distribution de proximité

In 2015, Entrepreneurs du Monde has therefore created Pteah Baitong, a good quality solar energy equipment distribution network, for lightning and phone charging.

The capacity of these innovative devices caters the specific needs of the families and maximise energy efficiency.

They last three times longer than rudimentary systems.

These equipments are distributed by employed salespersons coming from the rural areas that are the most affected by energy precarity. They are recruited, trained and supported to bring high-impact products to their community using a complete marketing strategy created by Pteah Baitong : well-known brand, communication tools sales events.

Solar micronetwork

Pteah Baitong has installed a solar micronetwork in the village of Kbal Damrei, in the Kampong Speu province. This autonomous network connects 59 houses, thanks to the Okra technology which distributes the energy between the houses.
Pteah Baitong owns the equipment and invoices the households monthly, according to their electricity consumption, to cover the management and maintenance costs and to replace the equipment in due course.

Support by Entrepreneurs du Monde

Entrepreneurs du Monde supports Pteah Baitong’s structuration and development on all fronts : legal, operational and financial. The French programme manager is mentored by Asia and Caribbean Energy Programme Manager and by the Financing and Social performance teams. Eventually, Pteah Baitong will become a viable and perennial social enterprise under local law, led by a 100% Cambodian team. However, the best business model to adopt is yet to be determined.


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