Pteah Baitong : Acces to energy in Cambodia

Pteah Baitong : Acces to energy in Cambodia

786families equipped

843equipments sold


*2021 figures

Cambodian households not connected to the electricity grid use kerosene lamps or old car batteries. These are very expensive to use, they cause fires, emit noxious fumes. And they don’t provide the work and study conditions required to lift people out of poverty. Additionally, to irrigate their crops, small farmers use highly polluting gasoline and diesel pumps, which are very constraining and expensive. Smallholder farmers typically have 1 hectare or less and pay around 35$/ month of gasoline to power an old thermic water pump.

PTEAH BAITONG Introduction - Michael PAPI

Top quality solar equipment, at last mile

In 2015, Entrepreneurs du Monde created the social business Pteah Baitong to provid the most vulnerable families in rural areas with good quality solar lighting kits.

Since 2018, Pteah Baitong also has also installed solar micro-grids which produce enough green, affordable and reliable electricity for equipment needed for income generating activities. But now, the government shows determination to electrify every village.

So, since 2022 Pteah Baitong can focus on famers needs for irrigation : they provide them with Solar Powered Irrigation Systems (SPIS) to ease irrigation of small lands up to 1 hectare.

Pteah Baitong

A smart distribution to meet real needs

The team still maintain the micro-grids but now, mostly develop access to solar pumps and incubators all over the country, through their 6 social salesmen, partners organizations such as People in Need and also trough digital marketing via Facebook.

Pteah Baitong organizes weekly awareness campaigns in remote villages, with demonstrations and tests. The solar water pumps are sold to smallholder farmers with payment facilities thanks to a pay-as-you-go system. Each farmer receives a specific training on how to handle the equipment.


Pteah Baitong

Support by Entrepreneurs du Monde

Entrepreneurs du Monde supports Pteah Baitong in its structuring and development on legal, operational and financial aspects. Eventually, Pteah Baitong will be a viable and sustainable local social enterprise, supported by a 100% Cambodian team. As for now, the team counts 14 persons and aims to reach 67% self sufficiency by end of 2022.


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