Roeurng, a Pteah Baitong beneficiary in Cambodia

Roeurng, a Pteah Baitong beneficiary in Cambodia

Roeurng Vuthy is accompanied by Pteah Baitong, Entrepreneurs du Monde’s energy program in Cambodia. She testifies.

Roeurng Vuthy lives in Prey Veng province. She attended secondary school but when she was married at 16 had to end her schooling to help her family with farming. Together with her husband, they started their poultry activities by watching videos on YouTube. After a year doing this, they decided to build there own hen coup. They also started to use a home made 60 egg incubator.

Roeurng Family

It was not automatic; the temperature had to be checked frequently, the eggs had to be turned manually three times a day and the hatching rate was not very good. Then they bought an automatic 112 egg incubator as suggested by Pteah Baitong* and obtained support from the ASPIRE programme. The new incubator ran on solar energy and allowed Roeurng and her husband to increase their income by about $25 a month because of a better hatching rate.
But the main advantage for them is not the money, but the time saved. They can do extra things and enjoy their family more. Roeurng is ill and needs to go to hospital frequently. Now her husband can go with her, unlike before when he had to stay behind to look after the eggs.

With the income generated, they have made some improvements to the farm, but above all, they have just decided to buy a new egg incubator that will incubate up to 300 eggs.

She now has 60 hens (against 20 before), 10 cockerels (against 3 before) and 200 chickens (against 40 before)! Also she is managing the expenses for schooling her children the for her health needs better. Finally, Roeurng has also decided to become a «demonstration farmer». She will show her incubators to other farmers and by doing demonstrations will benefit from a large reduction on the purchase of her new egg incubator.

Pteah Baitong* is a social enterprise created and nurtured by Entrepreneurs du Monde to facilitate access to energy for all. It notably offers, in small isolated villages, the installation of an Okra mini grid, comprising of individual solar panels linked together in order to optimise the production and use of electricity.

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