Jean-Charles, a PMS beneficiary in Haiti

Jean-Charles, a PMS beneficiary in Haiti

Jean-Charles is a shoemaker. Thanks to Palmis Mikwofinans Sosyal, a social microfinance program of Entrepreneurs du Monde in Haiti, he obtained loans and training to develop and consolidate his business.


“I have been in the shoemaking business for 23 years. I approached Palmis Mikwofinans Sosyal because I didn’t have the money to maintain and develop my business. I got three loans: one for 5000 gourdes (55 euros), one for 6000 gourdes (66 euros), and one for 10,000 gourdes (110 euros). For example, I was able to buy the goods necessary for my job.

Palmis also offers me training and allows me to save.

My job as a shoemaker allows me to rent a house for my family, it allows me to eat, pay for school for my children and many other things… Thanks to Palmis for this support! »


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