Melissia, a Palmis Mikwofinans Sosyal beneficiary in Haiti

Melissia, a Palmis Mikwofinans Sosyal beneficiary in Haiti

In Haiti, small traders are often over-indebted to loan sharks who have offered them loans at exorbitant rates. This is the case of Mélissia who is testifying in this video.



“After the 2010 earthquake, I lived in a tent, but thanks to Palmis Mikwofinans Sosyal (PMS), I was able to rebuild my house. In addition, I had a loan from a loan shark, someone saw me suffering and advised me to join a PMS group. Before, with the loan sharks, everyone was aware of my business. With PMS, no one knows how I live, PMS does not disclose the information of its beneficiaries.

I have been working with PMS for two years. Since then, I’ve gotten out of my problems and I no longer have a loan from a loan shark.

I started with a loan of 5,000 gourdes (55 euros) and am currently repaying one of 17,500 gourdes (190 euros). I have been able to develop my business thanks to these loans, I regularly repay and I entrust my money to PMS. »


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