Nolibeth, a ATECo beneficiary in Philippines

Nolibeth, a ATECo beneficiary in Philippines

Nolibeth is a mobile milk products saleswoman. Thanks to ATECo she installed a solar kit in her house, which provides her with three lights and a telephone charger.

User, then convincing saleswoman

Nolibeth is known and recognised in her local area. So when June, an ATECo team leader heard her saying and repeating the extent to which being able to see well and feel safe in her home had changed her life he invited her to join the sales team. The success was instant: ‘‘She brought in 91 clients in six months, enthuses June. That’s much more than we were doing before’’.
Her technique is simple: ‘”Every evening when it is dark I go to sell yogurts in the local streets. I take one of the portable kits and people see that the lights work well’.”

Very devoted to her community

Nolibeth’s role is not limited to prospecting for customers: she also helps with the installation of kits and the collection of the fees.
She is happy that her neighbours can benefit from a clean and economical form of energy. And thanks to this additional income this inhabitant of the slums sees her opportunities for the future improving. ‘‘I would like to open a délicatessen and finance my daughters’ education’’.


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