Srey Phoun in Cambodia

Srey Phoun in Cambodia

Forty per cent of Cambodian households are not connected to the electricity grid. They can only access basic equipment: kerosene or battery-powered lamps, candles, and car or motorcycle batteries for charging cell phones or running ventilation fans and TVs.

These are cheap to buy, but very expensive to run as they have to be regularly renewed. They also have a worrying impact on health and the environment – kerosene lamps in particular give off toxic fumes and cause burns and fires. Lack of access to the grid therefore makes families even more vulnerable.

This is why, in 2014, Entrepreneurs du Monde created Pteah Baitong (Green Homes), a network for distributing solar-powered equipment for lighting and for re-charging small electrical appliances.

With innovative products, Pteah Baitong selected the last generation equipment. They maximize the energy efficiency and last in average three times more than the basic systems.

Srey Phoun works for Pteah Baitong. Here is his testimony.

I bring my neighbours out of the darkness!

“My name is Srey Phoun. I’ve got a little shop selling lamps. A useful occupation I heard our village chief talking about the Pteah Baitong resellers network, and I took part in some very enjoyable training sessions. Then I began to sell the Pteah
Baitong range.

I love this work because I earn my living by providing a service to the people of my village: I bring them out of the darkness! And I’m extremely satisfied with the service provided by the Pteah Baitong team.

Satisfied customers

My customers found out about the lamps through awareness-raising sessions put on by Pteah Baitong and also directly from me. They really like the products, which are of good quality and also provide a phone-charging capability.

Improved quality of life

I can better meet the needs of my family with the profits I make. I’m hoping to increase the number of products sold in my shop and increase the size of my business.

Then, I’d like to help my children to create their own businesses so that they too become independent.”

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Srey Phoun in Cambodia