Willie and Remedios, ATECO beneficiaries in Philippines

Willie and Remedios, ATECO beneficiaries in Philippines

Willie was born on Negros island and arrived in the capital at the age of 17, looking for a job. He met Remedios and the couple’s success story is their four children. This family inspired them to fulfil their dreams: becoming owners of a vulcanisation workshop and a carinderia (street restaurant).

Lack of electricity was a major problem

It wasn’t easy to start with. Their electricity was provided by an enormous battery which was both polluting and defective, it meant the carinderia could not be open on a 24 hour basis. They often had to finish the night by candlelight which was dangerous and inefficient. Furthermore, this second-rate light source was very costly. Fortunately, two years ago Willie and Remedios met Marcy who worked for ATE Co*.

Marcy helped them acquire two solar kits, each one supplying three lights, a radio and a recharging point for their telephones.

Willie can now work to background music, but above all, Remedios has taken on two employees thanks to her increased income and the savings from the two solar kits: 100 pesos a day!

A bright future

Thanks to the savings they are making, Willie and Remedios are very proud to be able, when the time comes, to offer their four children, two boys and two girls, the means to continue their studies.
They also have another dream, to be able to buy a house, large enough to accommodate their family comfortably and a grocery store which will provide a third source of income.


* ATE Co is the programme initiated and created by Entrepreneurs du Monde in the Philippines to facilitate the access of the poorest to electricity.


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